My Influences: Richard Selby

Entrepreneur you admire

Sir Terry Matthews. He is Wales’ first billionaire and an example to all of us.
He’s committed to harnessing the skills of young graduates and has replicated the same business model on a number of occasions and repeatedly made a success out of it.

Favourite Film

Terminator. It’s a classic 1980s action film that reminds me of my childhood. The second one wasn’t bad either! Schwarzenegger at his best.


I’m a big fan of UK garage. Around the end of the 90s, garage was huge and it was massively popular at university. You could always catch me in front of the big names – DJ Luck and MC Neat and The Heartless Crew. I loved it then and I love it now.

Favourite TV Show

Scrum V. I’m a big rugby fan and enjoy catching up on the game I love the most. I used to play a lot and we sponsor the Newport Dragons, so always great to catch them when I can.


I like to go to the West End annually and I absolutely love Shrek. It’s an amazing production. Though I am looking forward to seeing Charlie and the ChocolateFactory, as I loved the original film. Maybe I’ll have changed my mind by then…

Holiday Destination

California West Coast. My dad drove me and my sister from San Francisco to Los Angeles when we were teenagers and I would love to go again with my wife. I love an exploring holiday, and this was exactly that. Get up and go. Stop and explore when you like. Bliss.


Right now I’m reading Nelson Mandela’s Conversations with Myself. It’s a book of his interview, manuscripts and writings. It’s a tough read but I’m constantly inspired by this incredible man. His influence is staggering.

A Person You Admire

It has to be my dad. He’s always pushed me to do well and has always been a driver in my life. He was very focussed on making sure me and my sister got a good education and career. He focused me on making a success out of myself.

One Piece of advice to a new Start Up

Go with your gut instincts. People will always try to push you one way or another but if you believe in your decision-making, you have to go for it. Don’t be swayed by others’ opinions. You know your niche better than anyone.