Getting to Know You: Olaotan Richard, Co-founder & CEO, Aims Digital Network

Olaotan Richard is a consultant and strategic digital marketer. He is the CEO and Co-founder of Aims Digital Network,

Olaotan Richard is a consultant and strategic digital marketer. He is the CEO and Co-founder of Aims Digital Network, an online platform that provides digital marketing services and also offers professional training in digital services.

What do you do?

At Aims Digital Network (ADN), we render digital marketing services including content marketing and paid advertising. We act as contractors and handlers for businesses that aspire to increase their revenue via online, inbound marketing. We are open to local partnerships with marketing and PR companies who get major digital marketing gigs as a part of their services. Over the years, I have seen Aims Digital Network make its way through hard challenges in the face of an economy and environment that was not an early adopter of digital technology. I am proud of how the team and I have brought the company. started to provide support for businesses that are willing to grow their brands but do not have the technical know-how to do so or lack the time to do so themselves because of busy activities.

Why entrepreneurship?

I have always desired a flexible lifestyle beyond the 8-to-5-at-a-desk. Although I had a bit struggles to think of what exactly would be my breakthrough in the entrepreneurial world, however, with the advent of the internet learning the prospects of digital marketing, I became an early adopter.

Is there anything you wished you had known when you began ADN?

Yes and no. Yes, because I think there is always more to learn and the more a bird feeds, the better it flies (an African adage). No, because the digital space is always evolving and even the things that used to work some years ago have faded/fading into the background.

Do you have models of admiration?

There are people I admire because they have influenced me in certain ways. I have been creatively influenced by Neil Patel, James Clear, and Bogdan Stevanovic. These people are notable and admirable examples that I have in the digital space; they have invested their time and knowledge to help those who are starting up to master the digital space.

What inspires you to grow your finances?

I wouldn’t say that there is any particular motivation to grow our finances. What matters to us is focusing on providing quality and reputable services that meet the standard of our clients. When our clients grow, our business will definitely grow too. Impressed clients help us to optimize our ROI, reducing our cost of acquiring customers. My satisfaction is found in the satisfaction of our clients.

Having gathered a 5-year experience in this space, what would you advise upcoming entrepreneurs in digital marketing?

To those who want to start, there are good and bad news.

Good news: ideas are coals and can set the world ablaze. Bad news: many factors/persons would want to douse the dream. Greater news: you own the idea and only you can determine its capacity.

So, do everything you can to acquire the right knowledge that would fertilize your growth and carefully strategize your processes. Stay away from negative people; they don’t understand how big your idea coal is.