Bonnie Chung takes her Miso of an idea from blog to Supermarkets

Miso, which originated in China in the third century and was introduced to Japan some 1,300 years ago, is a rich paste created by fermenting soybeans, wholesome grains, salt and water.

Bonnie has always loved miso, but found Britain’s supermarket offerings to be a bit lacklustre. Her passion saw her travel over 80,000 miles across the world, learning about the history and make-up of this ancient superfood. Bonnie’s dedication saw her visit everywhere from Tokyo to Osaka, before finally finding the perfect producer in Nagano, at the foot of the Japanese Alps.

Nagano has been a location of pilgrimage in Japan for centuries, famous for producing much of Japan’s miso, sake and soy sauce. Bonnie’s miso is produced here in small batches by craftsmen using techniques that have been passed down through the generations.

Although there is not a wide range of miso available in the UK, Bonnie is keen to share her knowledge with consumers on the 1,200 different varieties. Miso’s fermentation and aging process involves a multitude of factors, so the slightest variation can result in vastly different tastes, colours and textures.

Miso Tasty launched in Selfridges in 2014, soon after she securing Harvey Nichols and Whole Foods Market as stockists. Bonnie has since caught the attention of a supermarket giant and will be launching nationally in March 2015.

Bonnie says: “I wanted to create a miso that was restaurant-quality, all natural and, most importantly, with a better taste than all of the other miso soups on the market. Miso is a complex and versatile seasoning and Japan is the only place in the world that has the know-how and experience I needed to help me create my miso.”

Miso Tasty is the UK’s first dedicated miso brand, with two miso soup recipes: a Classic Shiro miso soup and a Spicy Aka miso soup. Both these soups are made from fermented rice and soybeans and come with a separate pack of garnishes and seaweed. The Classic Shiro miso has a light, traditional flavor as it is fermented for 6 months, whilst the Spicy Aka miso has a deeper, richer flavor as it is fermented for 12 months.

Bonnie explains: “The journey that I embarked on taught me so much about miso. Miso’s complicated fermentation procedure is the key to excellent flavour. I knew it was never going to be easy – it took over three years of hard work and false starts before Miso Tasty was ready to launch.

“The producers of Bonnie’s miso are tucked away at the foot of the Central Japanese Alps, where the miso is fermented in traditional cedar barrels using snowmelt from the Alps. This area is renowned as having the best conditions for making miso, and is home to the finest craftsmen.

I’m so proud that I never gave up on my dream of creating my own miso soups; my journey is testament to the passion I have for miso.”