Why structural foam Moulding is essential for your plastic

Structural foam molding is a crucial plastic design aspect that ensures plastic materials produced are lighter and of a higher quality.

The process ensures the plastics produced are thicker with strong outer shells. This ensures that the final plastic products manufactured have better performance features.

Though several plastic products exist in the market, only a few are manufactured through the required quality standards. The advent of structural foam molding has transformed the plastic manufacturing industry by ensuring that the products produced have a better lifespan. This article offers insight into why structural foam molding is a crucial element in the manufacture of plastics.

Structural foam molding

Typically, structural foam molding is a technical plastic manufacturing process that combines a foamed core with a solid outer skin rather than remaining solid all throughout. In some cases, you have to manufacture larger parts than required using ordinary materials. Though initially known for making roofs or body panels of vehicles, the structural foam has emerged as the best in the market for producing various high-quality materials.

The advantage of this sort of plastic manufacturing is that the end product is light in weight and still maintains the standard strength like the traditional polymers.

Benefits of structural foam molding

One of the key advantages of structural foam is that it doesn’t require a steel mold. However, the structural foam is associated with lower startup costs than required to establish injection molding. This makes it ideal for lower volume applications.

The products  have great strength to weight ratio and better thermal and acoustic insulation features than similar products made with other elements. Using structural foam in manufacturing material has come in handy.

Light in weight

Structural foam has not only proved to be durable, stiff, and light in weight but eight times stiffer than other materials made with similar qualities. Typically, the weight varies from 55 to 2 pounds per cubic foot. Additionally, since its foam, the material is a great acoustic and thermal.


The most significant advantage of the foam material is that it can easily be modified to produce various wall thicknesses across a single part. In some cases, the structural foam has made a wall thickness greater than the previous maximum of 33 mm. Generally, foam products experience less stress during molding.


The structural foams feature highly paintable and aesthetically pleasing features. In-mold painting is possible for all structural products, saving money and time. On the other hand, multiple colors can easily be applied to a single mold.

Furthermore, the foam surface can easily be cleaned, sawn, nailed, screwed, or stapled without any difficulties. In case you need large structural designs manufactured without compromising on quality, then opting for structural foam is the ideal option.


If you are looking for high-quality products, then it’s high time you consider products made through structural foam molding. The products are not only light but durable and robust too. In this case, structural foam molding remains one of the key techniques in producing high-quality products. https://www.hsv-tmp.com/ is a market leader in the foam moulding business, they offer great quality and have a wide variety of options. If you are interested in foam moulding. Have a look at their website.