Why Should I Consider Frosted Window Film for My Business?

Frosted film has become a popular solution for commercial and residential properties alike with many homeowners choosing to incorporate an element of frosted film either on their windows or as decoration or partitions within their property.

In recent years, a new leading client has emerged for frosted window film with many businesses looking to incorporate them within their commercial properties. If you’re a business owner looking to use frosted window film within your own property keep reading to find out how it can be used to benefit your business.

Privacy & Security

One of the most well documented advantages of frosted window film is its ability to add an extra level of privacy & security. Depending on the nature of your business this may be invaluable to you, for businesses handling finances and confidential documentation frosted glass can be a fantastic way to separate background processes from customers and external onlookers while meeting GDPR requirements. As an added bonus by incorporating frosted window film onto your outside-facing windows and across your property you make it more difficult for criminals to gain information about your business thus dissuading break-ins or thefts. Window film also has the benefit of strengthening the structural integrity of your windows and ensuring that if for any reason they are smashed, the glass will have limited spread.


With the option of customisation and printing directly onto your film, many businesses have used their windows as client-facing branding and marketing solutions. Our team at Evowrap can print your logos, taglines, or any other pieces of branding directly onto the film ensuring that any and all windows in your property can serve to promote your business. Frosted film can also be used within your business premises to display light information or outlines of products which can be seen by staff and clients alike. Simply by going walking down the high-street you are likely to see many businesses using frosted window film as a branding solution within their storefronts.

Creating/Splitting Space

Regular glass attempts to split the space within a property but because of its complete transparency serves only to create a physical barrier. Trying to seclude space in your commercial property using regular glass may not actually create the effect of a split space and rather only serve as a slightly irritating roadblock. By containing sections that are not transparent, frosted glass does the polar opposite of this and creates the effect of an actual partition between sections of the property while also stopping people from accidently walking into it. By offering printing solutions your frosted window film can also be used to provide directions or identify different teams or sectors within your property.

About Evowrap

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