Why letting your employees play video games at work could benefit your business

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Now while the mere proposition of letting your employees play video games at work might spark nightmares of un-productivity, there is some evidence that suggests it could actually benefit your business.

Whether it be online casino games uk, apps on their smartphone or major titles on a console, gaming can help to improve your employee’s creativity, productivity and morale.

So, here are three reasons you should let your employees play video games at work.

Gaming Can Benefit Your Business’s Creative Output

Playing videos games can help to stimulate imagination, as they engage the left hemisphere of the brain which is responsible for creativity.

A study completed by Michigan State University found that gaming was tied to creativity.

The study was comprised of 500 children and found that the more they played video games, the more creative they were in tasks such as drawing or writing short stories.

This still applies to the adult brain, and can be far more productive than traditional creativityboosting techniques like brainstorming or department meetings.

When distracted by the objective of a video game, you take risks you wouldn’t normally make in a professional sense, because you’re free to start over by simply restarting the level.

Once you’ve returned to work your brain is still operating at that same physiological level, so you’re more willing to share your uncensored thoughts and ideas, thus boosting creativity.

Gaming Can Benefit Your Business’s Productivity

There are also studies that suggest that if your employees have a passive break from work playing a casual video game;  it actually improves their cognitive performance.

The University of Central Florida concluded that upon playing a video game, test subjects ‘exhibited greater engagement and affective restoration’, meaning that their brain was more adept at completing tasks than before.

This, alongside the fact that taking any break from work improves mental well-being and overall performance, further illustrates how gaming could well benefit your business.

Gaming Can Benefit Your Business’s Morale

A happy work place is an efficient one, and letting your employee’s playing video games will certainly uplift office spirit.

Gaming is innately a social activity to be enjoyed amongst peers, so implementing a console into your workplace will not only boost morale, but it’s also likely to improve colleague relations.

It will help bring people together who otherwise may not have normally interacted before, as well as allow colleagues who may be in constant confrontation due to the nature of their roles, let loose and have some fun.

So, opposed to the conventional and cliché team building exercises, like trust falls and party games, implement a console and watch your workforce’s chemistry rocket.


Letting your employees play video games at work posts a number of positive benefits for your business, whether it is in improving their ability to share new and innovative ideas, boosting the amount of work they produce or uplifting their spirit and willingness to work in a team.

So with all that information in mind, are you going to try and implement video game breaks into your business?