Why it’s important to implement lean manufacturing in your business

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In any manufacturing business, two of the most expensive and most common types of problems has to do with efficiency and product or environmental wastage.

Without a proper system in place, businesses are experiencing the negative effects of wasting many products, that could’ve otherwise been better utilized. To combat this problem, businesses can follow through the process of lean manufacturing.

Lean manufacturing is also referred to as “lean production.” This is the process of minimizing waste in the manufacturing aspect of the business, which, in turn, maximizes productivity. The less waste that you produce, the better you contribute towards the environment’s health and the company as a whole. This is what led businesses to go for the concept of “lean manufacturing.”

That said, here are some of the benefits that you can gain from implementing lean manufacturing in your business:

1. You Can Aim For Better Product Quality

Apart from materials that are wasted, without lean manufacturing, you’re also wasting the time of your employees. Instead of focusing on the product’s quality, your employees are caught up in managing products and materials that don’t even get to waste. Can you just imagine having more inventory to manage and to control? That means your workforce is already tied up; product quality is no longer the priority.

With lean manufacturing, you only have the materials that you need and use. Because of this, your employees have more time on their hands to focus on innovation and the product’s quality.

Watch this video to learn more about how lean manufacturing is applied in a real company and its positive results to the business.

2. Your Employees’ Satisfaction Increases

Because you always have extra inventory on hand, there seems to be so much for your employees to do. More stocks mean additional and unnecessary work has to be done. Chances are, your employees are already aware that you’re over-stocking. They may also be wishing you to practice lean manufacturing, but might not have management’s vote to do so.

If you noticed that employee satisfaction is decreasing and you have a lot of inventory on hand, now’s the time for you to switch to this better system. With lesser inventory on your factories, this means that your employees can have their focus on the work that has to be done. Apart from better productivity, your employees also end up happier and more satisfied with their job.

Now, they’re finally doing a job that has a direct impact on the production, rather than keep themselves busy on materials that won’t even get to be utilized soon.

3. Your Customer Service Improves

Another aspect that improves because of lean manufacturing is your customer service. One of the principles of lean manufacturing has to do with identifying the value that’s perceived by your customers. This means that you have in mind the values that are set by your customer.

Remember that customers always need the following: businesses that provide them what they want and their wants can be conveniently purchased.

Because you’re only keeping an inventory of those materials that are needed or demanded, you can focus your energy on really providing value to your customers. If there is something that they need that you don’t have, you can immediately order it anyway. That way, you’re only keeping those that are valued by your customers.

4. Your Lead Time Improves

With lean manufacturing, your manufacturing processes also improve. There’s less confusion in the factory or in the production department, as the employees are only dealing with all of the stocks that they have in the warehouse.

For instance, for the succeeding months, the demand suddenly decreases, and you have kept so much extra stock on hand? All these extra stocks are taking up space that you could’ve otherwise spent on other more important stocks that could’ve been used productively for whatever product needs to be manufactured that is in demand now.

Without lean manufacturing processes, you’re slowing down your lead-time by crowding your factories with unnecessary materials that aren’t really needed in any of your production activities at the moment.

5. You’re Reducing Waste Products

Without proper lean manufacturing methods in place, you’re opening up your business to a lot of waste products. Following Toyota’s model, the lean approach is supposed to increase productivity by improving the processing speed and quality because of lesser waste products.

Not only are you becoming friendlier to your clients and to other companies, but you’re also becoming more sustainable for the environment. When there is less waste emitted, you’re aptly allowing yourself to have better corporate social responsibility practices.

Remember that you have a responsibility to uphold and protect the environment at all times. Businesses and firms, be it manufacturing, engineering firms, shopping warehouses, and what-not are the number one contributor to environmental damage and wastes. You should annually strive to reduce your carbon footprint as an industry.


Competition in the manufacturing and production industry is quite tough nowadays. For you to stay in the competition, you need to evolve your practices. By incorporating lean manufacturing in your company, you’re more efficient with your waste.

Following the principle of Toyota, you focus only on having stock of your actual needs. With this management and production practices, you’re better, in general, as a corporation.