Why is mobile gambling so popular


The share of mobile casinos worldwide is growing rapidly. Most casinos offer their services across platforms, and the biggest ones have Android and iOS apps with all their games put in a comfortable form.

Read this article to find out what contributed to this rise of mobile gaming and what can you expect from the market in the years to come.

The number of mobile users grows exponentially

A trend that continues across all industries is going mobile-first. Google made it a necessity to be mobile first for websites to rank well among peers with the updates of the search algorithms. Now advertisers have to make their sites adaptive so that mobile users have a better experience browsing them.

The online gaming industry is growing bigger and bigger. There are hundreds of top-shelf games that are made for mobile only. Even companies that were associated with PC franchises are tapping into this high-profit industry. For instance, Blizzard has announced the new Diablo title, Diablo Immortal, as mobile only.

Why is this happening? The thing is, there are increasingly more mobile users worldwide, especially in the Asian countries. The market research by Statista says there were 2.1 billion mobile users in 2016. The number is expected to pass the 5 billion mark in 2019.

But mere numbers do not reflect the reason clearly enough. What contributes to the success of mobile gaming is the power of smartphones. A modern day smartphone has way more computing power than PCs of the 2000s. This allows games with advanced graphics to run smoothly on mobile platforms. You don’t even have to buy a top-shelf model to enjoy them.

The software enables online casinos to be cross-platform

Up until recently, the most popular technology that was used to run games on the web was Adobe Flash. It was even used in the early days of YouTube to run videos. Now, this has changed. The modern web runs on HTML5.

This allows to stream videos and games in a browser. With Chrome and Mozilla, the two most popular browsers, supporting it, most games are now accessible from mobile just as well as from PC.

The giants of the market are working to improve the quality of mobile gaming. They even release mobile only titles.

Why do people choose to gamble on mobile

Come to think of it, the choice is a rather simple one.

First off, you don’t lose anything whatsoever in terms of quality or the options that you can choose from. Smartphones are powerful enough to run simple games such as online slots smoothly. More so, there are plenty of mobile-only titles, whereas you’d be hard pressed to find a PC only title.

Gambling from mobile is simple and convenient. You can do it anywhere, even if the place doesn’t have Wi-Fi, as these games don’t take too much data to run. Whether you are on your soft or waiting to check in in an airport, you can have some fun.

Some people don’t have access to PC all the time. This doesn’t mean they don’t have one. These people may be living in a big family, a typical situation in Asia, the most mobile-friendly region today. Some people can’t gamble from their PC at work and choose to play a bit during the lunch break.