Why gamble online?

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Gambling online has become a worldwide phenomenon in the past decade. With new online gamblers signing up to online casinos in their masses every single hour!

Not to mention the sheer number of new online casinos and new online slot websites appearing on the world wide web every single day.

So, why do people gamble online? There are so many reasons, but the main five in our opinion are as follows:

  • The costs
  • The promotions
  • The variety
  • The convenience
  • The payout time

Let’s go through these in a little more detail:

  • The costs:
    • It’s a fact, playing at an online casino can be categorically cheaper than going to a traditional land based casino. The betting amounts are usually lower and the bonuses are higher! Plus, you’re not having to pay in travel money to get to a land based casino, all you’re doing is using your internet which in most instances you already pay for as part of your mobile phone deal or home internet package!
  • The promotions:
    • Almost all online casino players say the main reason they’ve chosen to play online is because of the great welcome bonus deals, offers and promotions available to them that they otherwise wouldn’t find at a traditional land based casino!
    • The types of promotions available at most online casinos typically include; a generous welcome bonus, free spins, match deposits, no deposit bonus, a great loyalty scheme and more! Making it a no-brainer to play and wager at an online casino!
  • The variety:
    • There are so many games available at an online casino. The top software development companies such as; Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt and more, develop great and interactive casino games which they’ll rent out to online casinos. Any good online casino worth their salt will select the best games to rent and feature them on their website. In addition, many online casinos also develop their own exclusive games, giving the online casino player a plethora of games to choose from.
    • Any good online casino will offer their players the opportunity to experience playing online casino games in a ‘live’ environment. This is a super exciting feature which entices online casino players in their thousands. Some online casinos often partner with celebrities for an additional sprinkling of glitz and glamour to attract more casino enthusiasts to play and wager at their online casino.
    • Online casinos tend to have a large variety of games than a traditional land-based casino. So for keen casino enthusiasts the benefits of playing online can far outweigh physically going and visiting a land based casino, purely based on gaming variety alone.
  • The convenience:
    • Playing at an online casino is so incredibly convenient. You can enjoy playing in the comfort of your own home in your pyjamas or on the on-the-go. Advances in technology mean you can play literally anywhere, as long as you have internet connection! Be it on your desktop, iPad or your mobile, rest assured you can access an online casino on any device, in any location!
  • The payout time:
    • Many online casinos offer their players an instant withdrawal payout time. Unlike many traditional land based casinos, that’ll deposit the money into your account which can take up to 72 hours to appear on your bank balance. Who doesn’t want access to their winnings immediately? We do!