Why do successful men wear luxury watches?

rolex watch

Sporting quality timepieces personally or professionally for status or prestige dates back centuries.

Many thought that the invention of quartz watches would throw the expensive timepieces out of business, but what transpired thereafter was quartz movement watches getting relegated to a sub-par product category. This is one of the reasons why successful men are willing to spend a fortune on their watches. Keep reading to learn other reasons why.

Solid Timekeeping

Managing time is critical to the lives of industry professionals and busy businessmen. The top-quality craftsmanship that goes into making luxury watches is not just to ensure that the watch looks premium, but also to guarantee reliable timekeeping. Luxury watches can unfailingly keep time for more than a decade, with just minor tune-ups needed roughly every five years. The challenge for an inexpensive, mass-produced watch, on the other hand, is to last half the period.

A Sense of Authority

There are different ways to command respect in the room. Proper grooming, a fine suit, positive body language, etc. help command respect. But a solid watch helps tie these different elements together. When interviewing a business associate, a piece of luxury on the wrist makes the interviewer feel confident and powerful. A Rolex or a Cartier watch may not necessarily seal that important business deal, but it would certainly give away a sense of authority.

A Status Symbol

Pretty much anyone can buy and wear a good-quality, tailored suit. A high-quality watch is something that not everyone can afford. Successful people upgrade to a luxury timepiece from their less expensive watches not because their existing watches gave up the ghost, but because they want to keep up with their social status. A plastic watch or a fashion watch does not offer them that.

Appreciating Good Quality

Successful people know how important it is to buy and use quality products both in their professional and personal lives. This fondness for quality goods rubs off and shows in their work. They strive to bring out the best in them and deliver solid work in projects they’re working on. Wearing a quality timepiece, such as a Rolex, also shows they put a serious “price” on their time. Discover watches by Rolex and own one to showcase your leadership and organisational skills.

Helps the Wearer Stand Out

Harping on the earlier point, one way for a business professional to stand out from their peers is to wear a high-quality watch. The shirts and trousers businessmen wear and even the hairstyles they sport are very similar. A watch is the only item that sets an individual apart. Even in an office of more than 100 people, finding two people wearing the same watch is highly unlikely. The straps, the minute and hour hands, the watch face, the materials used, etc. all vary greatly. If the watch is a common Casio or Apple Watch and not a Rolex, the uniqueness definitely gets lost.


You need not necessarily wear a watch. It also doesn’t completely define you as a person. However, you cannot deny the fact that a watch can make the wearer feel confident, unique, and offer them a competitive edge over others. In the business world, these attributes make a difference in the long run.