Why do British people like gambling so much?

British Gambling

Research shows that over 40% of the British population is into gambling one way or the other, and one may wonder why this is so.

Is this constant thirst to risk earnings for more as a result of a hereditary factor – passed down from generations unknown? Are the social factors in the environment responsible for this habit? Is gambling seen as a viable source of employment in the UK – which makes people play many casino games for real money or do people just derive so much excitement from the risks and cannot control their habit of playing? Also, what is the government of the UK doing to keep a check on gambling within the jurisdiction?

In this article, we are going to try as much as possible to do justice to the questions put forward, so get a cup of beverage and sip along.

The History of Gambling in the UK

No one knows exactly when gambling started in the UK as it has always been a part of men to always want to risk little funds for more. Gaming has always been a means of entertainment for a lot of English people, this factor led to the establishment of casinos all around, which include land-based and online versions. The first online real money casino was established in 1994, this gave people only the instant-play option before 2004 when the first mobile downloadable casino software was created.

Now that there are several online casinos that allow people to bet and gamble even in the comfort of their homes, the rate at which Brits play casino has been boosted multiple times. Added to this fact is that the practice is totally legalin many jurisdictions in the UK, this is evidenced by the establishment of a UK Gambling Commission to do checks on casinos and award license for legal practice.

What Makes Gambling All Attractive?

Now you may want to further as to why most Brits are prone to get addicted to gambling. This may be due to several reasons, some of which has been glossed through earlier in this article. However, generally, it has been observed that people get addicted to gambling due to social factors, legal factors, the mouthwatering gain attached to winning, and personal psychological reasons. Now pay attention to the details:

Social Factors

There is this special excitement that comes with doing things that people in one’s environment are doing or seem to enjoy doing. Just like music, people love to listen to the latest jam, most times, not because they love the singer or they are in the mood to, they just do it to follow the trend. Gaming is like music, and with the availability of several vendors who are constantly providing special bonuses and new exciting casino games for their customers, others are pressured to want to give it a try.

Legal Reinforcement

Like we mentioned earlier, gambling is legal in many jurisdictions in the UK. This fact alone is enough to make people want to play, as most people are of the opinion that whatever the government certifies must be the right thing to try. This is why we have several checks by appropriate gaming authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao licensing authority, and the UK gambling authority. One of the most important of all the rules is that which prohibits infants and juveniles below the age 18 from gambling, it is believed that they do not possess the matured mindset to withstand the pain of losing or the tempting excitement that comes with winning.

Money – Big Money!!

Of all the factors luring people to playing games, money is by far the most captivating of them all. Imagine hearing your friend shouting out loud that he had just won $10,000 from a slot machine – how would you feel? Of course, you will feel the drive to want to try your luck too. The money-thrill is even doubled if you make your first win within your first 3 trials, you get the push to not only want to play more but to also bet higher stakes.

This factor also facilitates addiction in the sense that a person who has never won or who has lost hard earned funds gambling may want to keep playing just to break the jinx or to hope that they recover all lost funds.

Casino Bonuses and Offers

It has been observed that many casinos and gaming sites in the UK are always coming up with mouthwatering promotions and offers. Some of these promotions are so tempting that you start to feel that you have been given a chance to make a lot of money without even risking a dime. Such  tempting bonuses include deposit cash bonuses, free spins, respins, real spins, all of which allow players to activate the gambling machine for specific times without depositing bets.

Economic Values

You would realize that even the governments of the day are not willing to put a ban on gambling due to its economic importance to the revenue of the country. The fact is, all registered and licensed casinos in the UK pay some percentage of their annual profits to the revenue of the federal government, and the more stakes that are made in casinos, the more the profit shared with the country.

Entertainment for Many

You would agree with us that gambling can be very entertaining, just imagine sitting in front of a slot machine, spinning the reels with beautiful icons falling down the screen. Great! Isn’t it? This is how a lot of Brits feel while playing even in the free gameplay mode.


The Brits are known for their excess love for gambling, and this is due to several exciting reasons such as the gain attached, its legality, and other social pressures. However, ensure that you gamble wisely, especially with your spare cash. Also, do not play casino games if you are not 18 and play on casinos with lucrative bonuses such as this one https://getcasinobonus.net/bonuses/partycasino-bonus/.