Why Are There So Many New Australian Poker Sites Launching

You may have noticed a sharp increase in the number of poker sites going live that cater for Australian players, if so come and discover why that is.

Increased Number of New Australian Poker Sites

As the number of poker sites are increasing, you may be wondering why that is for playing poker online is something players have been able to do for years now.

Having studied the Top 10 Poker Sites website, I decided to make contact with their team and ask why they have so many new and established Australian poker sites listed, and the main reason is lockdowns have been responsible for many players now choosing to play from home.

Which Poker Game Variants Do Players Player the Most?

Online poker players in Australia do have a huge and diverse range of different poker game variants on offer to them, so never be under the illusion that the only games that you are going to find on offer and available to you are going to be Texas Hold Em or Omaha Poker game variants as that will not be the case.

However, it will at the end of the day, be determined by the software platform and the poker site itself as to just which poker game variants each site has on offer, so the onus is always going to be on you to compare just what is available by way of poker games at any poker sites you set about checking out.

But I am more than confident you will always find the games that you want to play when you do fancy playing poker online, and the same goes for when you want to take part in poker tournament online as well. 

Are Poker Tournaments Popular Online?

You can of course choose to play poker with your friends and family members at home, however do also keep in mind that many poker sites also offering things such as chat rooms, enabling you to chat to other people in each poker site.

Plus, you will be able to set up your own private poker rooms too at many of the best Australian poker sites, so if you want to play with your friends or family member online and set up your own unique poker tournaments that is something you will easily be able to do too.

As far as poker tournaments go through, the most popular ones are Guaranteed Poker Tournaments, for they offer guaranteed prize pools no matter how many people enter and take part in them and can and often do offer huge mega sized prize pools too.

Added Benefits of Playing Poker Online

There are of course going to be some added benefits and extras coming your way no matter at which legal Australian poker sites that you play at as a real money player, and as such I will now take a quick look at what they are.

Bonuses are one way that many such poker sites can and do attract a huge number of new players to their sites, so be on the lockout for the ones that have by far and away the most generous of sign up promotions available.

As to just what makes such a bonus offer generous, well look for deposit match type bonuses and ones that only have a low play through requirement attached to them, and ideally ones that get added to your account instantly when you claim them rather that ones that are drip fed to you once you achieve a certain amount of play through.

Loyalty and comp club schemes are another way that players can lock in even more playing value when playing at online poker sites but believe me when I tell you there can be a huge range of differences between such schemes and comp clubs.

The sites that offer you the best and by best, I mean the lowest redemption rates and tend to award more poker comp points to players are the ones that you will always be best advised tracking down, so do spend as much time as you need when comparing what loyalty and reward schemes are in place at any sites that you may fancy playing real money poker at.