Who are the most famous British gamblers?

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It takes plenty of skill, cunning, and luck to become a famous gambler. But anyone could do it with enough effort. Any player could go from gaming at a low wagering casino UK to winning millions of pounds at the tables.

Some figures have become legendary for their prowess in gambling. But that doesn’t mean every single story surrounding these gamblers is a happy one. Some of them are cautionary tales of why it’s essential to be responsible when playing.

How Joseph Jagger Broke the Bank

Joseph Jagger ran a textile business in the late-nineteenth century. But he is best known for successfully cracking an imperfect system at the Casino de Monte Carlo in 1881.

Jagger knew from his work in textiles that spinning wheels never have perfect balances. Jagger used this point to study the roulette tables at the best deposit bonus casino for a month. He figured out which numbers appear the most frequently, thus helping him to complete many successful bets at minimal risk. He won about £80,000 on roulette in a few days, which is about £7.5 million today. He broke the bank at Monte Carlo because the roulette tables would temporarily close due to them not having enough money on hand.

The Tough Life of Charles James Fox

The Honourable Charles James Fox was the Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs in the United Kingdom for more than twenty years. He was an opponent of King George III and a supporter of the United States’ independence. But Fox was notorious for being a compulsive gambler.

Fox was addicted to gambling to where he declared bankruptcy twice in the 1780s. He lost about £200,000 in gambling. The value is equal to nearly £30 million today. Fox felt that winning in gambling was the greatest thing in the world and that losing was the second-greatest. Fox was also a consistent drinker, a point that might have influenced his gambling habit.

John Montague, the Gambling Inventor

John Montague served as the 4th Earl of Sandwich during the eighteenth century. He was a frequent gambler who would spend hours playing cards at various tables. He is said to have enjoyed many card games and didn’t seem to favour one.

What makes Montague a famous gambler is how he invented one of the world’s most prominent food staples while playing. He would often request that his servants bring him slices of meat served in between slices of bread while gambling. Those meals were referred to by many as “sandwiches,” a reference to the part of England Montague served.

Charles de Ville Welles

There is a deal of mystery surrounding Charles de Ville Welles, as it is unclear as to how he broke the bank at Monte Carlo in 1891. He claimed to have a system that would ensure he would win every time he placed a bet. Some argue that he studied roulette wheels to see how they worked, while others felt he was lucky. Either way, he purchased a luxury yacht with the money he got at Monte Carlo.

Charles de Ville Welles didn’t necessarily use his money for good. He committed fraud many times over in England and France by taking money for “investments” that he never produced. He would eventually go to jail for his crimes.


It may be impossible to do some of the things that the greatest British gamblers did. You can still enjoy the thrill of gaming at the best casino. But be careful when playing, and remember that you can’t predict a roulette wheel when it’s online.

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