What is Duratrans Printing, and How Does it Works

When you want to display any kind of picture, text, or any other kind of graphics, you want it to look perfect and crystal clear.

Every detail of the image should look the way it is. In this world of advancement, hanging a traditional frame with no details highlighted looks like an outdated approach, whether you are an individual or a company. To make your images look more realistic and highlighted Duratrans Printing is used. Which is that used on Backlit films to make your image look stunning and appealing.

What is Duratrans Printing

Duratrans printing is a type of printing that is done on the Duratrans. Duratrans is a type of material that is transparent and you can see through it until you start printing on it. This type of printing is used to make amazing and astounding backlit films using light on the back to make your image look astounding and cool. It highlights each and every detail of your images. It makes it look like a 3D image. Having images or graphics printed on duratrans and placed on light boxes can provide your image with an extra glow and highlight all its colors.

This kind of sheet can be used for all sorts of images, posters, banners, or whatsoever. From renovating your home to advertising your product or services. So if you are thinking about advertising something or want to promote anything, using Duratrans printing on lightboxes can simply increase the chances of your ad being visible and highlighted to your potential customers.

By its looks and amazing features, many people think it to be too expensive to be used. Using duratrans for printing can be a very good and cost-efficient decision. Instead of using other costly methods for highlighting your images or posters, this can be done at a comparatively low cost and provides you with better and high-quality results.

Who uses Duratrans Printing

Due to its amazing features and astounding results, this kind of printing can be used by a wide range of people for both professional and personal use as well. It is widely used by the businesses like restaurants and food outlets to highlight and grab the attention of their customers with the light and glow of their posters and banners. Due to its printing technology, the picture printed on duratran can be made visible during the night and the day as well.

Political parties use duratrans and light boxes to showcase their agenda and party motives to the masses. It is a great tool for political uses in order to highlight some important points to grab the attention of viewers as compared to using traditional posters and banners. It is also used greatly in restaurants for the menus and other offers. It helps them attract more and more customers with such attractive and stunning colors.

Duratrans Vs Backlit

If someone is shown with both of these, Duratrans and Backlit at the same time, it will feel the same to the person at first glance. But as you move towards the details, the difference will be crystal clear. Both the Duratrans and Backlit use safe technology to print the images or graphics but due to the high quality and thickness of Duratrans, it provides better and more vivid colors.

Duratran Mounting Options

There are a wide number of companies that can help you in printing your duratrans. But mounting this duratrans can be a tricky part. You might be confused about how to use duratrans, where to mount it and how to get the most out of it. There are multiple options that you can use in order to mount this duratrans. There is no need to look somewhere else. You can easily build your own Lightbox where you can mount your duratrans on that. This Lightbox will provide you with the best possible results possible.


Duratrans Lightboxes use LED bulbs to provide you with the best possible results. There are several different benefits of using LED bulbs in lightboxes. LED bulbs can provide your Duratans with more than 50,000 hours of light and they are perfect for having the exact colors and glow that you need on your image or poster. Apart from their durability, they are environmentally friendly when used properly. They can help you save money as well as energy at the same time. Unlike other bulbs, they light up immediately without any delay, so they will provide you with instant results. If you are deciding to use your duratrans for outdoor purposes, there is no fear of LED bulbs getting affected by the weather, cold, or heat. They use 90% less electricity than most types of bulbs.

Mount it between two Acrylic

This is one of the most traditionally used ways of mounting posters and banners. It will not only protect the Duratrans from all sorts of damage but it will also help light to get distributed evenly throughout the duratrans.

Rolled as a Table Top Centerpiece

This is one of the trending methods being used for backlit options. By making tabletop or lamp shades for mounting the duratrans. It will give it a new and unique look that can make your duratrans something remarkable. This can be used in the events where you have dining tables or lamps installed.

Where to buy Duratrans Printing

There are multiple online as well as physical stores that provide services of duratrans printing to its customers. If you are choosing an online duratrans printing service provider, what you have to do is provide them with your image or whatever you want to get printed by sending them the soft copy of that file via their preferred mode or channel. After the successful printing of your durations, the final product will be sent to you at your address. There are so many stores that also provide their customers will mounting devices as well. You can contact https://www.industridesignsnyc.com/duratrans/ for ordering your preferred type of mounting device.