What Is B2B SEO?

Most people know the basic concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how it works.

However, they generally tend to misread the basic difference between B2B (Business to business) SEO and B2C (Business to Customer) SEO due to their lack of awareness. In this article, we will see what B2B SEO is and how it differs from B2C SEO.


Business To Business SEO is an advanced digital marketing strategy that helps you increase organic traffic on your site by ranking higher in web search. It is a series of optimizations to rank your website higher in web indexes. A successful B2B SEO strategy presents your website to the people who are actively looking for your products or services. B2B SEO is mainly focused on keywords to influence the leaders working inside companies & organizations.

SEO for B2B is not just an affected way to get organic traffic to your website, but also a way to generate leads more efficiently. In general, the more accessible and useful your content for the user, the higher you will rank in web search. It is a series of optimizations both off-site and on-site to get more relevancy, usability, organic traffic, and accessibility. SEO ensures you the most relevant and quality organic traffic with elevated chances to get more lead generation.

Working of B2B SEO

There are over 200 aspects of Business To Business SEO, and each one of them plays a different role in B2B SEO. These aspects affect SEO performance and search ranking. They are also known as ranking factors. B2B SEO agency makes sure that these factors won’t affect your search engine ranking. These factors can be classified into 3 major categories-

1.   On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is also called “content SEO”. It mainly focuses on optimizing content. It includes keyword mapping, meta descriptions, optimizing titles and headings, and proper website design to get an overall enhanced user experience score. On-Page SEO increases the relevancy and findability of content on search engines.

2.   Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO includes any modification or optimization outside your website to increase the success rate of your SEO results. It is an important aspect of B2B SEO. Off-Page SEO deals with backlinks-links pointing to your site. These links are important not just for B2B but for the digital marketing results as well.

3.   Technical SEO

Technical SEO includes any technical optimizations like improvising XML sitemaps, improving the page load speed, SSL, Mobile responsive designs, Structured data markup, AMP, etc., on your website.

On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO are the three main pillars for successful Business To Business SEO. They together create a high-level B2B SEO strategy to increase your website’s search ranking and organic traffic.

Comparison Between B2B SEO And B2C SEO

It is important to optimize your content pages that include your services and products with the help of the best SEO practices. The big difference between Business to Business and Business to Customer SEO is the audience. And finding the right audience is one of the most important parts to do. So, you can make an effective SEO strategy. A B2B marketing executive needs to know their audience inside out compared to a B2C executive. In SEO it is necessary to reach your targeted audience via the SERP.

You can compare B2B and B2C SEO through the table, given below.

Goals More focus on efficiency, expertise, and ROI. Consumers are looking for profitable deals and entertainment.
     2. Awareness Search for information. Search for information.
     3. Purchase Intent Consumers are driven by financial incentives and logic. Consumers are driven by mood and emotion.
     4. Consideration Share research about the product with other board members. Read product reviews and compare products.
     5. Purchase Reason To get long-term benefits like longer contacts, sale cycles, and relations with other companies. Consumers’ Mood or Personal need.
     6. Buying Process Consumers need to work with sales executives and account managers. Consumers make a direct purchase.
     7. Eval Consumers reviews contract proposals. Review shopping cart and complete checkout.


B2B SEO is a good and effective method to increase your website’s ranking in web search and get more organic traffic and leads. It is an easy and long-term beneficial method.

I hope this article will help you to understand the basic concept of Business To Business SEO and the difference between Business To Business and Business To Customer SEO. If you have more questions regarding B2B SEO, you can ask me in the Comment section below.