What does 2019 have in store for the UK’s Best Online Casinos?

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The UK’s best online casinos will deliver better security and increased immersion, even more ways to play and an ever-growing number of games to choose from.

The online gambling environment might have seen some of its biggest innovations in the last couple of years but 2019 promises to deliver more exciting developments as competition in the UK market gets increasingly dynamic. Driven by industry leaders such as Realistic Games, Yggdrasil and NetEnt, platforms will provide players with greater immersion, greater choice, and greater real-time intensity.


This will see the experience boosted by the rise of virtual reality. Online casinos are utilising the technology to offer a playing environment that is more dynamic. Table games and slots will be characterised by a realism never before seen in the online gambling world, with companies like Oculus Rift developing systems that will see peer-to-peer gaming take a huge leap forward as players can see each other and interact in real time.

That will inevitably mean more live tables and more live dealers. As technology progresses, closing the gap between the land-based experience and online, players are beginning to get used to live table games. That’ll continue to move forward in 2019 with big-name developers like Evolution Gaming increasingly developing their live table games, with roulette, baccarat, Texas Hold’em and blackjack all part of their portfolio.


Alongside greater immersion, developers are also building in better security measures to give players peace of mind. Common sense is still your greatest asset, so choosing the right online casinos to play at is a crucial part of protecting yourself. Using sites like scams.info, which audits platforms based on a robust set of quality standards including data security and secure deposits/withdrawals, helps players to choose wisely.

In addition, 2019 will see better security for money transfer and personal details as, for example, platforms using cloud-based servers to safeguard digitally transferred data and fingerprint mapping and other biometric functionality become the norm. Leading internet security firm Kaspersky.co.uk says biometric security offers “very compelling solutions” because it’s “convenient and hard to duplicate”.

It’s crucial that internet-based casinos show both a willingness and capability to tackle online security as players get savvier. This has led to an increase in anonymity and the growing use of cryptocurrencies which offer security and privacy advantages.


This has also meant casino providers have had to be more flexible in their approach to their customers. That might see an upsurge in free-to-play gaming where revenue is generated from game add-ons, such as when players access additional features or buy virtual goods. This is an example of online casinos learning from trends in the non-gambling gaming arena.

Better optimisation for smartphones will also take place in 2019. Current figures suggest around 50% of players access the online casino via their smartphone and Google is considering “mobility” in its search rankings. That means mobile-optimisation that, importantly, guards against apps crashing in the middle of games and provides the player with more interactivity, is vital and players will see that in the next 12 months.

The number of online gamblers continues to rise and the UK’s best online casinos will reflect that popularity in 2019. We’ll see better security, mobile optimisation, more live games and increased immersion, alongside even more ways to play and an ever-growing number of games to choose from.