Web design trends to grow your business in 2020

Web Design

If you are into web design, changing trends are extremely important if you want to make progress in your business.

The 2020 year is full of new and exciting changes that are slowly starting to happen.

The gradient trend is back in fashion, only this time as dynamic. Many web design agencies with the increasing trend in 2020 have direct attention with two different areas related to web design. One Base Media is one of them, with expertise in web design essex.

Designing for e-commerce trades

Internet sales have been growing in the market for many years. Attention is directed to give the customer a visual appeal. Web design Essex focuses on speed, simplicity, and usability to get what you want as fast as possible.

Responsive design

2020 is the year in which mobile web traffic takes the lead in many areas comparing to desktop computers. This year, it is estimated that more than 60% of mobile phone users will access the Internet primarily in this way. That’s why it’s important to focus on this contemporary trend as you customize your web design.

Modern Web Design Trends For 2020

Simplicity and colour separation

Brands are opting for some bolder perform amid numerous online competitors. Bolder colours attract attention. Many web designs have included tones and shades, while now it comes to the efficient and simple look of a website that lures you to reach out to the screen and retrieve the product. The use of bold colours itself is matched by the growth of sophisticated consumer technology.

Dynamic illustrations and animated gifs.

During 2017, the video has become extremely popular, but slow loading leads to the loss of potential customers.

Instead of videos, animations are becoming increasingly popular. These include integrated animations, gifs, and custom illustrations.

The high growth in the use of mobile devices adds to the enthusiasm for mobile animation.

Web design Essex uses custom illustrations in e-commerce to help customers see how a product works online or to make it easier for them to order products.


Asymmetric web design in 2020 is increasingly replacing neatly placed pages. Balance asymmetry is the basis of amazing web design. To allow this balance, no part of your site should be “heavier” than others. Larger images are permissible if they fit with the rest of the space, text, and other elements.


Typography is certainly not a new trend, but it is increasingly popular in web design this year.

Larger text is possible to accomplish by the bigger font. It targets the things that set you apart from the vast sea of the competency. The typography of every online business relies on and must harness the power of SEO. SEO Essex uses well-designed and targeted keywords.

What remains to be seen is what a particular font will look like on mobile phones, because the typography used for large screens does not mean it will look good on small mobile screens.

If you want a business career to be successful, you must be up to date always with the latest trends.