Using SaaS for business growth 


How does one go about using SaaS? Well, most likely you use it on a daily basis without even realising it.

Email and storages such as Gmail, Dropbox, and Office 365 are common SaaS applications that millions of people use in their daily lives. Whether you’re just starting a business or breathing new life into an old one, it’s important to be aware of all the software tools at your disposal. A subscription−based software such as SaaS can change the way you do business.

SaaS technology is an important tool in any business, no matter the industry can benefit from. 70% of businesses are utilizing SaaS in order to increase IT service delivery speed. 80% of businesses are already using up to 1 to 2 SaaS applications. Getting started in using SaaS platform development for your business can be dramatically beneficial as far as saving money and time. Let us take a closer look at how.

“Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing”. − Paul Marity

SaaS Benefits for Your Business

Sure, a new business lacking proper tools can succeed, but your chances of success are drastically decreased. Wouldn’t you want a smoother journey on the road to success? Here a list of a few ways SaaS can greatly benefit you:

  • Think of SaaS as the software you rent rather than buying. This means not having to hire an IT staff to monitor it. Saving you money on high maintenance fees.
  • It’s already laid out for you in a simple format, all you have to do is login and start working.
  • You’ll have access to SaaS from anywhere via a web browser, as long as you have an internet connection. As compared to licensed software, which is usually limited to a specific device. This can be a huge disadvantage if, for example, that device happens to be your desktop computer in your office.
  • SaaS’s biggest attraction is the low−cost startup fees and saving time. SaaS applications are so easy to set up, you can get to work immediately. SaaS is usually bought on a monthly subscription without any expensive set fee. This can help them keep costs down significantly, also if you opt for monthly and choose an annual plan, you might even save more money.
  • In terms of usage, most SaaS applications do not limit the amount of data that is stored, nor do they limit the number of users. This is ideal for a business with a large number of employees, so as the business grows there is no limit to how many employees can use it.
  • With SaaS, you’ll always be up−to−date, since updates and new features are installed automatically without needing the user to monitor the application. SaaS providers are constantly monitoring the performance of the application regularly. This means now only top−notch performance checks, but also added security. A SaaS provider has their own security that is dedicated to protecting the information on SaaS applications.

All of these benefits should be taken into consideration when starting your business with SaaS.