UK regulator fined Casino 36 for £300k

UK regulator fined Casino 36 for £300k

The land-based gambling operator Casino 36 (they are also own few online casinos) was fined by the British gambling regulator for £300 thousand for money laundering and violation of social responsibility.

An investigation by the UK Gambling Commission found that a gambling establishment in Wolverhampton did not properly conduct an identity verification (EDD), a source of funds (SOF) and a wealth source (SOW) of 33 clients. These people spent a total of £147,741 at Casino 36 from November 2017 to October 2018. According to the regulator, senior management became aware of these violations on February 12, 2018, but such actions by the gambling establishment continued.

The report also stated that the controls at Casino 36 were outdated and did not take into account the current management of the Gambling Commission.

According to experts, Casino 36 also failed to protect vulnerable customers, because it did not contact them even when they had obvious signs of problems with gambling.

In addition to penalties, more conditions will be added to the license of a gambling establishment. All personal management license holders working for the operator will also have to undergo anti-money laundering training, while a comprehensive training program should be launched for staff.

Richard Watson, the executive director of the commission, said operators are responsible for not allowing illegal funds to pass through them.

“As a result of failures at Casino 36, the stolen money could pass through their casinos unhindered, and vulnerable customers were at risk of harm. This is simply unacceptable, ”- said Watson.