Top countries with highest tourism income

Tourism rates

As the world is badly stricken with the pandemic and almost every industry and individual has been affected by its consequences. One of the most affected sectors is the hospitality and tourism industry.

Pandemic has dismantled the growth of this industry severely. As and when the novel corona virus started to disseminate throughout the world, entire aviation and transport system was shut down in order to handle the situation. However, with time many countries are opening borders and air spaces again and gaining back their tourism. International tourism contributes 1340 billion US dollars to the world economy. This industry serves a fortune to each of the respective countries and that is the major reason why all the countries in the world constantly work and invest on their tourism to boost their economy. Here is a list of top countries with highest tourism income. This list is based on collective information about the countries which have earned a lot through tourism sector.

United States

United States is a country of superlatives whose name is mentioned in almost every crucial numberings and listings. Here also, United States is the top country with highest tourism income in the world. Even the American continents receive 24% of the entire international travellers. The American spreads out in the entirety of its amazing assortment: the diverse music scene of Austin, the accommodating charms of prior to the war Savannah, the eco-cognizance of free-vivacious Portland, the superb waterfront of San Francisco and the enthralling French Quarter of jazz-cherishing New Orleans. Every city adds its novel style to the great interwoven that is America.US have been at the top of this list for almost a decade as it efficiently coaxes so many travellers to its futuristic cities. The total tourism of the states is around 210 billion dollars every year. The top most tourist destinations in United States include New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.


Spain stands on the second position on the list of countries with highest tourism income. It is making 68 billion dollars, with 5.2% of the entire world tourism. Spain’s diverse landscapes are the major attraction for this alluring country. The Pyrenees and the Picos de Europa are as excellent as any mountain range on the landmass, while the snowcapped Sierra Nevada ascends unrealistically from the sun-prepared fields of Andalucía; these are climbing objections of the most noteworthy request. The uncontrollably excellent precipices of Spain’s Atlantic northwest are counterbalanced by the beguiling bays of the Mediterranean. Wherever you go, towns of immortal magnificence roost on peaks, cluster in valleys and stick to waterfront outcrops as small however versatile stations of Old Spain. That is the place where the nation’s charms are well on the way to grab hold. The uncontrollably excellent bluffs of Spain’s Atlantic northwest are balanced by the enchanting bays of the Mediterranean. Spain is a perfect amalgamation of stereotype life and a nation more different than you ever envisioned. Places to visit in Spain includes


Next on the list of top nations getting highest income is the very beautiful country, France. For the ones who have already been to this magnificent country can related to the fact France is one of the top countries which have major share in world tourism. France tempts voyagers with its enduringly recognizable culture, woven around bistro patios, town square business sectors and ribbon curtained bistros with their plat of the day (dish of the day) chalked on the board. France is about top-notch art and architecture. It allures with famous landmarks realized the world over and rising stars at this point to be found. This present nation’s social collection is faltering – in volume and variety. Major attractions of France are Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Palace of Versailles and Mont Saint- Michel etc.


As and when the international space of Maldives opened for tourists, hundreds of travelers booked their flights tickets for Maldives and landed in this vibrant country. To reveal the Maldivian side of life, every year millions of tourists come to Maldives. Around 60% of the nation’s GDP is earned from tourism sector. The Maldives is home to maybe the best seashores on the planet; they’re on pretty much all of the nation’s almost 1200 islands and are so reliably wonderful that it’s hard not to become apathetic about them. While a few seashores may flaunt milder granules than others, the essential reality remains: you won’t discover reliably whiter than-white powder sand and glowing cyan-blue water like this elsewhere on earth. If you talk about the incomes of Maldives from tourism alone, then it sums up to around 2.7 billion dollars. However, these digits don’t surprise many of us as the alluring landscape and golden beaches of Maldives can justify any number of earnings. The top visited places of Maldives includes Male, Addu City, Addu Atoll, Kudahuvadhoo and Dhangeti.


Palau comes next on the list of countries with highest tourism income. For a particularly minuscule region of land, it sneaks up all of a sudden. It’s hard not to be overpowered by its phenomenal cluster of common ponders: this is an archipelago of around 200 to a great extent perfect limestone and volcanic islands, covered in emerald woods, encircled by a shining turquoise tidal pond. Obviously, jumping is the main movement here, with really top notch plunge locales. Jumpers depend on Palau’s energizing seascape, interesting wrecks and incredibly different marine life – it’s not named ‘the submerged Serengeti’ in vain. At the point when the submerged miracles have wrapped up doing something amazing for you, there are other experience choices. Kayaking, swimming and rough terrain driving are breathtaking, with the additional allure of fabulous settings. Furthermore, for history buffs there are a lot of WWII relics dissipated in the wilderness, just as a small bunch of efficient exhibition halls in Koror, Palau’s biggest town.

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