Top 8 tips for choosing a photocopier


It’s important to purchase quality copier machines that meet your offices’ requirements, but it’s easy to be blindsided by new models and presume that pricey ones are better in functionality than the cheap ones.

To help you manoeuvre your way through the world of copier machines, here is a compilation of tips:


One of the most crucial factors to consider is an obvious one: how much the copier will be used. Works out the number of pages per month that the photocopier can produce and what the copier will be mostly used for. This will help decide whether you’ll need a black and white or colored copier, size of it’s capacity tray and how large the copier will be.

Scanning Features

A copier that’s connected to a multi-functional device or network is the preferred platform for a quality scanner since the printer can directly send the scan to your email or computer. This is a wonderful feature especially for those in an office setting. Should you need a scanning feature for your everyday undertakings, ensuring whether this feature is built-in should be your top priority.


Speed relates to the number of copies that can be copied in one sitting. So, consider how much the machine is used per day, whether people often have to use the copier and if a lot of large brochures, flyers or brochures need to be printed. Before buying a photocopier, knowing what you need regarding copy speed is important to make sure that the unit you go for will be sufficient for your operations.

Additional Features and Advantages

As stated earlier, there’re many new features added to copiers that aren’t necessary to have, but make the unit appear fancier and of higher quality. There are extra functionalities that can enhance your printing experiences, for example accessibility programs, document editing and automated document workflow solutions. Accessibility programs allow multifunctional devices, scanners, printer and copiers to be controlled by a mobile device.


Who makes the unit is an important question you should ask yourself before buying. It’s not always about the brand, so don’t get bogged down by how high their yearly sales might be or how popular they’re. Just ensure it’s a legal, stable company whose standing is about selling great products. You also want to ensure they also provide inspection and customer service in case you need support.

Purchasing Options

When purchasing a copier, find out the payment options available. Monitoring the transaction will be important in the future when you’ve warranty issues or customer service questions.


You want to find high value when you search through photocopying machines. Some machines are low-priced, but still, have an overall high quality while other machines are costly and not really worth the price.

It’s always best to do research on products and educate yourself about their features and what you need before buying.


Another thing to take into account is whether a multifunctional copier will be a good option. These can incorporate faxing, scanning, printing and copying all in one copier and can save lots of space if you need a copier for a small office, in addition to saving a considerable amount of money compared to running each of these devices separately.

Office Copiers: The Facts About Renting vs. Buying

You’ve at some point probably been tasked with deciding whether your company should buy photocopiers or rent them from a business equipment provider.

Here we are going to lay out the facts, so you can decide what makes the most sense for your scenario.

When is Renting Better than Buying?

So, why rent a photocopier? Well, buying office equipment involves high expenditure so if you’re running a start-up it might make more financial sense to rent your office copiers, as you would duck the high costs of purchasing outright.

When is Buying Better than Renting?

If you make less than seven hundred copies monthly, it might not make sense to consent to a leasing contract for a multifunctional or business-level copier. By buying outright you’ll not have to pay any charges associated with photocopier rental.


A photocopying machine is a fairly large investment to make, so having a checklist of things you may need will help when buying a copier. The last tip is to keep in mind that most established companies will offer good advice as to what photocopying machines to choose and, for additional peace of mind, opt for an authorized supplier of the photocopier brand you want to lease or buy.