Top 4 money lenders to get a quick loan in 2020


Have you found yourself short on cash lately? Are you thinking it might be time to get a personal loan but not sure where to start?

Keep reading for more information about the top three money lenders that can help you get a quick loan in 2020.

Rocket Loans

If you are looking for a personal loan quickly then Rocket Loans is perfect for you. They are ideal for when last-minute issues pop up, such as an unexpected car repair or an emergency visit to the dentist. You can apply for a Rocket Loan and receive up to $25,000 the same day.

When considering using Rocket Loans, keep in mind that they will charge you an origination fee that ranges between 1% and 6% of your loan. This fee will be deducted from the loan before they send it to you. You may also pay a high-interest rate, depending on your credit score, income, and other factors. These rates usually start at 7.16% and can go as high as 29.99%.


SoFi personal loans offer the borrower a fixed and variable-rate on their personal loans. You can set the terms of the loan for repayments up to seven years which will allow you plenty of time to pay it back. You can apply for a loan between $5,000 and $100,000 but be aware that it may take a few days to receive the money.

However, SoFi is the best personal loan to choose if you have the potential to lose your job. If you have been laid off or lost your job due to no fault of your own, you can apply for loan forbearance. If you approved for forbearance you can postpone your loan repayments for three-months at a time and up to a maximum of a year before repayments will be expected.

KBB Credit SD Pte Ltd

KBB Credit SD Pte Ltd is one of the best-licensed lenders for personal loans in Singapore. This is a great choice if you are located internationally and in need of a quick personal loan. They have helped thousands of people since opening and have a strong customer base so you can feel confident when borrowing from them.

This money lender is known for its excellent customer service. Their repayment plans are also flexible based on your personal situation.


If you are looking for a small loan just to help get you through to the next payday than Earnin is a great choice for you. This loan company is a better alternative than getting an expensive payday advance which can cause you to get further into debt.

With Earnin you can borrow funds based on the hours you have worked at your job but you haven’t gotten paid for yet. You do not have to pay any fees or interest rates but you will have the amount you borrowed deducted from your checking account on the day you get paid.

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These are the top three places to get a quick loan from when you are in need of fast cash. Depending on your personal situation, one loan provider will be better than the other, so do your research first.

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