Tips – Car care for your car filters

Oil filter

Air, oil and fuel filters are designed to prevent car parts and components from being damaged by debris and dirt, particularly from the engine.

Want to know a little more about these parts, their functions and when they should be replaced? Check out below tips separated especially for you:

Oil filters

Oil filters serve to eliminate impurities that are generated by friction of engine moving parts and combustion. The automakers recommend changing this filter along with the oil change, usually between 10,000 and 15,000 km. If the oil filters are expired, it is very likely that parts such as pistons, cylinders, rings, valves and bearings will be damaged.

In more extreme cases, they may even fuse the engine.

Air filters

Air filter eliminates engine-sucked dirt, ensuring that only impurities-free air reaches the combustion chamber. This prevents premature wear of moving engine parts such as pistons and connecting rod.

Changing this filter is recommended every 10,000 KM on average. If the change is not made within the stipulated period, fuel consumption may increase. Accumulation of dirt causes the thruster to work harder to pull air, increasing fuel consumption and letting in impurities that reach the engine, in which case there is also a drop-in car performance at speed pickups.

Cabin Air Conditioner Filters

Air conditioning filters purify air from the street into the car and eliminate odors. To change this filter there is no set time per mileage, as this depends on the frequency of use of the car with the air conditioner on. Congestion, for example, shortens the filter life, so it is critical that a periodic check is made, at least every 20,000 KM.

Fuel filters

Fuel filters are responsible for removing impurities from alcohol or gasoline before the fuel burns out. It is located between the tank and the engine, preventing dirt reach the fuel pump and nozzle. Changing the fuel filter is recommended between 10,000 and 15,000 km. The expired or damaged fuel filter compromises the fuel pump and leaves the injection system dirty, causing failures and affecting vehicle performance.

The use of the correct oil and its periodic change has gained even more importance. And along with the lubricant, the engine oil and air filters must be changed to prevent particles from continuing to circulate.

It is important to know the right time to change your car parts, avoiding inconvenience and improving its performance. Visit car parts online store, if you want to buy your car parts.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash