The use of augmented reality in the online gambling industry of the future

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The online gambling industry is growing at an incredible speed due to the emergence of new technologies.

Casino operators need to find a way to differentiate themselves from the rest in order to thrive in the highly competitive industry.

They have to provide state-of-the-art games and ensure players have an amazing gaming experience. Since the early 1990s, live, mobile, and online casinos have been capitalizing on new software and hardware to improve the online gaming experience.

There are new innovations every month, but some of them don’t have practical benefits for online casinos and players. Additionally, online casinos have difficulty choosing new technologies. Augmented reality (AR) is one of the latest technologies that casinos could use to improve their customers’ gaming experience. However, is augmented reality a valuable development?

Augmented Reality for Casinos

Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes virtual images on objects in the real world. Casinos could use this technology to improve casino software and live gaming experience by combining virtual reality (VR) with the real world. For example, you could compete against other people in a lifelike virtual casino.

AR could bring live dealers to your house or any location. With this technology, you can see everything around you in a realistic form. You only need to look around to see other tables, players, and casino staff. reports on regular basis about AR/VR technology in the iGaming segment.

Barriers to AR Adoption in Today’s Casinos

Augmented reality is beyond compare, but online casinos are yet to adopt it due to various challenges. Although AR is increasingly becoming popular in the modern world, it may take several years before it’s fully adopted in a practical or meaningful way. Also, AR developers need to overcome certain obstacles to make it possible for online casinos to use this technology.

One of the key challenges is the fact that players have to spend money on hardware to enjoy the benefits of augmented reality. Like VR users, players will have to purchase headsets or glasses that can create the AR experience. These hardware products are still in development. There are a few models, but they are not available for everyone to use. Moreover, it might take several years for consumers to consider using AR technology. Therefore, the chances of using AR in casinos will remain low for some time.

The other significant challenge relates to AR software. Casino game developers and operators need to develop software for AR hardware. This will happen, but it’s hard for developers to focus on AR software for casinos at the moment. AR software will definitely revolutionize casinos, but the industry is not ready for the ground-breaking change.


Currently, we can’t conclude that future casinos will succeed in adopting augmented reality technology. Nevertheless, AR is a promising development even if it takes years to fully adopt it in casinos.

Some people are eagerly waiting for this technology to enjoy the numerous benefits associated with it. However, the waiting period could last several years. Overall, augmented reality would revolutionize the iGaming experience. Online casinos and players would benefit from AR gaming in different ways despite the current technological challenges.

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