The success behind fintech companies by Rati Tchelidze


Rati Tchelidze, one of the thriving FinTech CEOs and investors in Europe has been interviewed by several leading Financial sites in Europe during the last months to give his thoughts on the success behind the European FinTech Industry.

Europe is home to 50 of the most powerful FinTech companies in the world and their innovations and products are used by financial institutes all over the world. In this article, we take a look at the man behind the headlines, to sum up, what he considers to be the most important factors behind his own, fast-rising successful career and what it takes to make it in the FinTech industry.

Rati Tchelidze is not only one of the leading CEOs in the European Fintech market but he’s also known for his initiatives to bring professionals from various industries and countries together as he believes strategic partnerships are the key to a transparent and reliable financial market.

Driven by a vision that growth comes from “empowering people to be themselves”, Rati inspires not only his own employees but also other companies to get themselves empowered and get more exposure to the international market, especially the FinTech market. With a vision like this, Rati also finds education in the required fields of finance or commerce really important for building the foundation of a FinTech career or business.

One of the successful companies developed by Rati Tcheldize is Axios Holding and according to Rati, combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills is one of the key factors to build a successful career in the Fintech industry. Whenever Rati Tchelidze speaks about his companies he emphasizes the importance of practical knowledge as one of the solid foundations for building a financial establishment. He began his path by studying Jurisprudence and going on to study international commerce and commercial law. While working as a legal advisor, he was able to garner the necessary business knowledge and practical skills needed to start all he has established today.  With his great academic background and practical experience working as a legal advisor, he was able to build the company that today is known as one of the top renowned FinTech companies in the world. A company that, in turn, has become an incubator for other businesses that Rati has started and for other companies he is in the process of building.

One of the standing mottos incorporated into the businesses of Rati Tcheldize is “Always question, learn and improve.” Rati sees his company as first of all, a team with people who need to have an opportunity to reveal their potential. Lead by the thought that every employee has an urge to reveal their own potential, the team constantly moves forward towards the common goal to turn the business into one of the biggest independent Fintech realities in the world. By allowing the right people to show their potential, a successful CEO is able to make correct and effective management decisions. Being able to make those correct decisions is one of the many things Rati Tchelidze describes as the recipe for a successful career in FinTech.

A Little Bit More than Innovation

Ratis companies not only innovate financial products and churn out great FinTech product ideas, but they also integrate with other companies who share the same goal and vision. They recently started a collaboration with StrategEast to improve FinTech in Eurasian countries and there are already a couple of innovations coming up from this collaboration. The pandemic has caused new challenges and new perspectives to appear for many companies within the FinTech industry forcing them to look at how to work better and for a relevant course.

For example, enhancing the quality of their online presence, accessibility, and digital security has been a high priority since the pandemic. According to Rati, the European FinTech industry share a common belief in the value of their employees and has worked hard to make sure jobs were kept and salary funds were protected during the pandemic and their professionals were engaged to help make the companies even more relevant amidst a pandemic.

The pandemic has definitely impacted how both private people and businesses manage their financial transactions and their relationship with traditional banks. Rati even talks about how the pandemic has created a “new era of personal finance” saying their goal is to make money available to those who need it, when they need it, without the hassle of a long queue at the bank and many inquires.

Rati explains that due to the strict parameters that banks hold, they might not be able to meet the quick needs of people. But, with modern Fintech innovations, traditional banking procedures become a lot easier while still being safe for users.

Looking at how many successful companies and products that Axios Holding has produced and how successful many of their partnerships have become, it is safe to say that Rati Tchelidze has developed a basic recipe for creating a successful business within the FinTech sector. There is a lot to glean from his level of experience and tenacity to do business and we are looking forward to learning more!