The situation of the online casino industry in the UK and how GamStop plays a role

Online poker

To a large extent, the success of the casino and gambling sector in the UK is due to a clear, precise and easy-to-implement regulatory framework.

This legal formalization has attracted many investors, both national and foreign, who see in this sector an interesting potential for generating income.

The UK government, aware of the importance of recognizing, formalizing and regularizing the gambling sector, developed a strict but clear legal framework, which allows interested companies to develop the activity with total legal certainty, and players to participate calmly, knowing who are attached to the laws. However, online casinos are yet to be fully regulated, including poker rules, slots rules and so on.

There is something unique about the online casino industry in the UK. Namely a rule made by the British Gaming Commission. These rules aim to make online gambling practices safer for players, no matter what age range they are. Every operator in the UK must confirm the age and identity of the customer in the less than 72 hours previously permitted. This rule basically limits or minimizes the risk of children’s gambling and helps overcome gambling addiction that occurs in society.

With this rule, every operator must verify customer details before he / she deposits funds (to play). This rule also prevents unverified customers from getting free bonuses.

These rules are packaged in a system called GamStop. This system actually has a good purpose, which is to help every troubled gamer. Troubled here means that maybe they are trapped in a gambling addiction that has the potential to “ruin their life”. But of course there is always a middle ground. Players can avoid restrictions by playing at casinos not on GamStop.

At the end of 2018, the three online casinos were fined around £ 14 million, resulting in one of them being unable to operate in the UK anymore. The fines arose after the Gambling Commission found that they had been negligent in carrying out detailed checks on their customers. The same commission has also reported that there was unfair treatment in relation to requests for additional identifying information when customers attempted to withdraw their prizes. This form of additional identity requests appears to lead to a breach of privacy. There are some details that should not be part of a fair identity, which an online casino company is pulling from its customers.

The relevant regulator believes that the rules set by GamStop can help each operator to detect prohibited activities that may be carried out by customers. There are two sides that benefit from this rule, namely online casino operators can protect themselves from the criminal activities of customers while on the customer side, the risk of addiction, especially those that occur in children and adolescents, can be minimized. In the end GamStop, despite all its shortcomings, strives to create a fair gambling situation, helping every player to earn their income without undue delay.