The most interesting facts about blackjack you had no idea about


There is no doubt that blackjack is an interesting, popular and exciting game that has won the trust of players around the world.

Also, blackjack has fun facts that can surprise even the most history-savvy users. After all, it is interesting to learn something new about the old game.

This game of chance was previously called “Vingt-et-un” or “21”. However, over time, the game was renamed “blackjack”, since the name has not changed more. Now, in almost every gambling establishment and every other new online casino, you can find different types of blackjack, many experienced users like to play this game.

Blackjack Celebrities

Those who play cards professionally, including blackjack, know characters like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. The fact is that these Hollywood stars are also serious competitors in gambling. However, even such famous players in the career had tangible blunders.

Once Ben Affleck and Matt Damon on the same day and in one casino won a million “bucks” playing at high stakes. To celebrate, celebrities even left a tip to the institution in the amount of 150,000 “green.”

Here it is worth mentioning another couple – 50 Cent and Jay-Z. Artists are big fans of gambling. When they come to the casino, they play blackjackonly at high stakes. For example, the rapper 50 Cent and all invested in his own project and developed a game for a smartphone called “50 Cent’s Blackjack”.

Maximum Blackjack Gain

Almost ten years ago, professional player Don Johnson broke all existing records, winning $ 15 million in five months. He was lucky to visit three different casinos during this period. Although he also quickly said goodbye to this money, this Tropicano casino happened, he staked at 800,000 bucks until it collapsed completely.

But Don Johnson is now an honorary guest of large gambling establishments, the casino owners are happy to provide all sorts of privileges, discounts, benefits and tours. Undoubtedly, this person has already brought himself into the history of the casino, since Johnson had white stripes when he was “damn” lucky. With a loss of $500,000, the player managed to knock out a 20% discount for himself, this indicates his ability to conduct business negotiations.

There was a case when Don Johnson won about $ 6 million at the same table, hitting all the people around him. All the participants and spectators applauded him standing, the game was phenomenal. However, Tropicano casino didn’t make a deal with the pros and didn’t forgive debts.

Despite all the squabbles with representatives of gambling establishments, Johnson remained an idol for many newcomers and not only. Its tactics and strategies are studied by experts, and they learn from mistakes. According to Don himself, he won everything fairly and fairly.

But he also noted that the share of luck accompanied him on favorable days for him. At every opportunity, Don thanks the casino, which nevertheless made concessions and created ideal conditions for it in those days.