The laws surrounding social security disability benefits

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Filing for a social security benefits claim isn’t an easy task, yet millions of people file them every year because they have been left disabled because of an injury or problems concerning their mental health, usually resulting in them being unable to work for a year.

There’s also a huge percentage of people who file this claim without understanding the laws concerning such claims; they don’t stop to think if they are eligible to qualify for social security disability benefits. 

The simplest qualification required to file this claim is that you have to be someone who has paid taxes as a U.S Citizen and has earned the right to these benefits. According to a survey, “Approximately 65-70% of all initial applicants are denied disability benefits. Though this may seem like a large amount, claims are denied for all different reasons.” What people don’t know is that even after being denied these benefits, they can appeal the decision since it’s not an easy one to make, and mistakes happen all the time. It’s a complicated and confusing process that many people take the easy way out of. 

Individuals filing this claim are only asking for the benefits they deserve but are too worried about the outcome that they drop it before it even gets hot, this is why getting a free consultation from a queens social security disability lawyer is highly advised.

How social security disability law works

The social security disability law is like an insurance policy, it has some rules surrounding it which after being looked at, can qualify someone for the benefits that you might be looking for like social security disability insurance or supplemental security income benefits, this is a great opportunity to look into how much money you’ll be receiving. As this law has been in place for ages, it can be found in Title 42 of the United States Code, which you probably might not have known but for any experienced social security disability lawyer, is a textbook play.

These benefits concerning the social security disability law are more commonly made for adults who are disabled and unable to work for a year minimum, that’s not the only requirement to qualify someone though. You also have to have paid enough taxes to the government and not have reached an age where you can easily retire. Social security disability insurance on the other hand has somewhat of a different process than SSDI, where you can be qualified if you have a bare minimum income, or no income at all, without having paid taxes or anything towards the government.

How does one avail the social security disability benefits

To reap the benefits of the social security disability claim, one must prove to the social security administration that they are in-fact eligible to qualify for the claim and should present a convincing case to show that they mean business, which a good social security lawyer can do on your behalf. 

The reason these cases take years to finalize is that the laziness of the court system is second to none, they’d rather just deny everyone than to look at every person’s case. If your application is denied, don’t give up, appealing the decision is always the best move and is inexpensive when compared to what you might get when you win your claim, these appeals can take up to a year to get approved, sometimes even more.