The Highs and Lows of Real Estate According to Jarret Willis

Jarret Willis is a veteran real estate agent with years of success and unprecedented achievements in the real estate world.

If anybody is to know about the highs and lows of such a vast and demanding industry, it definitely would be Jarret.

To say he’s seen and done it all would not be an understatement. Currently serving as a member of Bespoke Real Estate, a real estate agency with a $10 million and above policy, Jarret Willis is not new to rolling with the upper echelons of the game.

Below are some of the most profound highs and lows of being a real estate agent, according to Jarret. First, of course, we start with the lows.

The Lows

  • Early Mornings and Late Nights

Some believe with real estate, there is no more 9-5. Now while they’re right to an extent, Jarret Willis would like to let you know that in place of a 9-5, you’re probably going to have a 9-9.

Meaning you’re up early, having had minimal to no sleep, and then back up late at night. And you have to do this because, well, without it nothing’s going to put food on the table.

No salary whatsoever to count on.

  • Cutthroat Competition

In a highly competitive field such as the real estate industry, you should always expect cutthroat competition. And what’s even sadder is that most of the jealousy will come from people you think are your friend.

How to handle this? Jarrett Willis believes the only thing to do is to be conscious and vigilant at all times. It’s ugly, but it’s the “reality”.

  • Grit and Grind

In the world of real estate, grit and determination get you through. Without them, you’re almost guaranteed to fail. Jarret Willis recalls starting out and wanting to quit almost every day. 

This kind of situation, according to Jarret, will always occur when you’re starting. Sadly, that’s another profound low of the industry.

The Highs

  • The First Sale

There’s no feeling that compares to that feeling you get when you make your first sale or close your first deal. This, Jarret Willis believes, is one of the highest points of the job.

  • The Biggest Closing

Then, of course, Jarret explains, there’s always the great feeling that comes from trying to beat your record. And once you finally close your biggest deal, you enjoy another exciting moment in your career.

  • The Experience

It may sound cliche, but one of the highest points of real estate marketing, according to Jarret Willis, is the experience itself. The joy of being on the road chasing a lead; taking photographs of amazing properties and setting up presentations. Those can be pretty exhilarating too.

  • The Relationships

And then lastly there’s the joy that comes from building and nurturing relationships with the people you come across. As the popular saying goes, the real joy comes from the people. Because this is what lasts after everything else is done.

In Summary

In the end, every field has its high points and low points. With the real estate industry, the same rule applies. Having seen almost everything the field has to offer, Jarret Willis provided us with some of the most profound highlights and lowlights to be expected by prospective real estate entrepreneurs.

In the end, though, as Jarret Willis likes to conclude, despite the lows, there’s no field like real estate and he wouldn’t trade it for anything.