The evolution of the free spins bonus


In the mid-90s when online casinos first started popping up, there wasn’t too much to shout about in the way of bonuses, other than VIP clubs that required players to have pockets as deep as Jeff Bezos’.

As more brands came online, and competition started to hot up for a player’s custom, various casino bonuses and promotions began to become commonplace. Alongside the classic match deposit, free spins were one of the first bonus types introduced to players.

Fast-forward 20 years and the free spins bonus is still a dominant force. However, it’s transformed through the years, and not all offers are equal. This guide will take you through the evolution of the free spins bonus, and highlight some of the best promotions to look out for.

First Deposit Free Spins

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” We’ve all heard that saying, and it applies perfectly to this type of free spins bonus. It’s the original, and it’s still going strong today. The aim is to entice players to sign-up and make a deposit. In return, the casino will give them a stack of free spins to play with on a selected game – or a range of games.

Although players are getting free games on the house, wagering requirements imposed by the casino mean that 99.8% of players won’t make a profit from this offer.

Free spins are also attached to ‘reload bonuses’ as an incentive for players to make further deposits after the first one. An off-shoot of this is Game of the Week free spins. Here, the concept is the same in that a player will deposit, but the spins will be on a newly-released slot.

No deposit free spins

With the number of online casinos continually growing, operators needed something extra to separate them from their rivals; hence, the no deposit bonus was born. As it says on the tin, with this offer, you get your hands on the bonus without making a financial commitment. Instantly, this became a true player-favourite. Starburst no deposit free spins remain the hottest ticket in town.

Despite these bonuses still coming with wagering requirements, the fact that new players can enjoy playing real money slots courtesy of the casino has proven very appealing. Ultimately, there is nothing to lose on the player’s side – and it only takes one spin to land the jackpot.

No Wagering Free Spin

A more modern variant of the free spins bonus has been to scrap the wagering requirements. With this offer, players will be required to make a deposit although a couple of sites have been known to offer no deposit – no wagering free spins bonuses.

The major benefit of this bonus is that any winnings you earn from the free spins are paid as cash. Meaning if you win enough; for instance more than $10, you can withdraw the money immediately. The only downside of this offer is some casinos will cap the maximum payout which can take the shine off of a big win. Regardless, the pros most definitely outweigh the cons.

One Last Spin

We hope this brief article has shone a little light on this popular casino bonus. It’s imperative that you remember, not all free spins offers are equal, and by the same token, not all casinos (offering the same type of bonus) are equal either. Armed with that knowledge, finding the most player-friendly bonuses will be easier than you think.