The CBD industry – What’s it worth?


Hemp products are now legal. And that is a good thing. The number of CBD products that are now available has skyrocketed.

But why is that? And just what is CBD? And why the hype surrounding it?

Let’s, first of all, take a closer look at what CBD is.

CBD is a chemical that is found in the Cannabid sativa plant. The name CBD is short for cannabidiol.

The legalization of CBD has now led to an explosion of products on the market. Oils and edibles are now dominating supermarket shelves. Everything from gummies to health power drinks are now fortified with CBD. Why?

CBD relaxes people. It is completely safe and is non-hallucinogenic. It is not like another marijuana-derived chemical – THC. That is the chemical which provides the ‘high’

So how much is the CBD industry worth at the moment? A fortune. There are a number of players that are now listed on the stock exchange and the value of their stock is soaring. If the numbers are to be believed then some of those companies are seeing 3000 percent growth.

There are estimates that put the industry at $2B by 2022.

The US Farm Bill has meant that CBD products are now legal – and that, in turn, has meant that the industry is now growing at a rate of knots. Just how far that industry will grow is a matter of conjecture.

However, the market is not only the U.S. It is global.

China, Japan, Korea, ASEAN, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, India. CIS, and South America are all growth markets for CBD.

The production and manufacture of CBD products is currently based in North America and Europe – but that is changing rapidly. The latest stats show that Germany, France, UK, Italy, Russia and Spain are growing markets. APAC countries such as China, Japan, Korea and Australia are also part of the CBD market. Africa is also playing its part with Egypt, Israel and Turkey presenting market opportunities.

However, it is not only consumer demand for edibles and other products that are driving the market. The food and beverage markets are the tip of the iceberg. The pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics are two markets that are experiencing enormous growth fuelled by CBD extracts.

The question is just how large this industry can be?

The organic food market demand is enormous – and consumers are more and more interested in purchasing food that is grown in sustainable ways. Those consumers are also interested in natural products that provide health benefits. There has been an increased turning away from man-made chemical medicines.

There has been research that provides some startling numbers. The U.S. organic food market will be worth in the region of $70.4 Billion by 2025.

However – the CBD industry is based on conjecture. There has been very little medically peer-reviewed science that can give consumers the facts about just how effective CBD is when it comes to health.

However, the fact is that CBD is receiving a lot of attention. The FDA in the United States is having a careful look at how to regulate the CBD industry – and just what benefits the compound can provide consumers.

So is the CBD industry worth investing in? It might be compared to Bitcoin. The early investors made a lot of money. The shine might have worn off – but the CBD industry is very different from that of Bitcoin. For one thing, it is a lot more varied and complex.

There is a lot of hype surrounding CBD, but consumers seem to have taken a shine to the compound. A New York Times article about CBD was shared 35,000 times. That is not an insignificant number. It means that CBD is more than simply a fad. It is a compound that has very real potential to change the way consumers view the hemp plant. If the variety of products that use CBD continues to grow, it is an industry that offers incredible value to those who wish to invest.

CBD ticks all the right boxes. It is natural and has very few (if any) side effects. It can be used in a huge number of products. Those companies that are leveraging it are set to make a fortune. How big is the industry? No one knows. But it’s a good bet that its value is enormous.