The best itinerary for your stag do in Prague

Is the date of your epic stag do in Prague approaching? Well, you better get to planning! Just kidding.

Is the date of your epic stag do in Prague approaching? Well, you better get to planning! Just kidding.

Prague is such a great city that even without a plan you and the lads would probably end up having a great time (because there’s a great bar literally around every corner), but you don’t want to miss out on the special activities the capital of the Czech Republic has to offer, right? We’ve put together a handy itinerary that has been fully tested, tweaked, and proven by hundreds of now-married gents that relied on our tips. Use it as your stag do planner and have fun!

Cross these off the list before you fly to Prague

Guestlist: You do not want to surprise your stag in a bad way by inviting his old friend you didn’t know he now has beef with. Grab a pint or two with the groom and put together a guest list. With that in hand, create a Whatsapp or Messenger group for easy communication.

Budget: Come during off-season (October – February) and be quids in. Yep, we suggest picking the dates first thing when talking about the budget. Generally speaking (and planning), 300 – 400 pounds for a weekend including flights and accommodation should do. But the sky is the limit when it comes to spending korunas during your unforgettable weekend. Also, you can pay with a card pretty much anywhere (touchless included), but you may want to get some Czech cash upon arrival just to play it safe.

A place to stay: You’ll probably want to arrive on Thursday night or Friday morning and stay until Sunday. For weekend booking, don’t procrastinate. Around 6 million tourists come to Prague every year and we can assure you that most of them don’t fly in on Tuesday. You can book all accommodations through Airbnb or Booking, you’ll find plenty of cool places to stay. Pro tip: look in close proximity to Wenceslas Square because that’s where the best action is.

Activities: This is where it really gets fun. Prague has it all. Do you want to drive a tank or wrestle a roly poly stripper? Be our guest. Explore all the crazy things you can do in the city with the largest castle in the world. (We thought we would throw in something for the history geeks too!)

Four days of fun

A Stag do is not a one-size-fits-all thing, but we’ve been in the business for a while and have found something we would call a formula for success. So what do you do?

Thursday / Friday: Arrival

Surprise your mates with a Hummer limousine waiting to pick you up at the airport. And maybe book a cute stripper to welcome you with a little dance on board. This is how the legends arrive! In the evening, pick a place for dinner (maybe Steak and Strip if the dance earlier wasn’t enough?) and then go pub and club exploring afterwards. Believe us, you can easily do this two nights in a row if you arrive on Thursday.

Saturday: The Stag Do Day

Wakey, wakey! You hear someone whisper as you slowly open your eyes.  And boom! It’s a sexy stripper for a proper wake-up call. In the afternoon is a call to action. You can drive a tank, go to a shooting range in Prague, or if getting comfy and watching sexy dancers is what floats your boat, a Prague river cruise with a strip show it is! And what do we do at night? Right. We hit the bars again!

Sunday: Departure

Is the hangover killing you? Not too bad? Great. Spend the time before departure chilling in a beer spa. Or, tour one of the Prague breweries before you head to the airport. This time probably on board our van (or on a public transport bus or in a subway, and hey, no shame there, they’re clean and convenient) as we can imagine that the budget has been properly used up by this point. But, there’s no doubt all the korunas spent at the strip clubs were for a good cause!

Just follow what we said here or hit us up, and Bob’s your uncle, you’ll have a great time in Prague with your gang!