The advantages of cloud-based virtual Call Center on your customer satisfaction


Cloud-based virtual call centers are the latest technologies to guarantee customer satisfaction. This is because traditional call centers have failed to meet customer needs expected.

There is a new belief that using cloud-based virtual call solutions will bring many benefits. This article will discuss the advantages of a cloud-based virtual call center on your customer satisfaction.

What is a virtual call center?

A virtual call center is a situation where the call customer agents aren’t in a single location. The agents are either working remotely or in various offices in different locations.

These virtual call centers are usually for companies who have branches in several countries, therefore working with different time zones. It allows teams to provide better real-time call service solutions to their customers anywhere they are,

What differentiates a virtual call center from a traditional one

There are several reasons why virtual call centers are different from traditional ones. There are some virtual call center advantages that traditional call cannot match, they include:

Physical presence

With virtual call centers, you work remotely in offices or from your house, however, when it concerns traditional call centers, you need to be physically present, this is permitted by a great increase in technology. Moreover, transportation opportunities allow you to travel all around the world and many solutions exist to find a job abroad, such as jooble for example. This way, it becomes easy to work from anywhere

Less phone and more video

Traditional call centers do more phone calls, however, this isn’t the case for a virtual call center. This deals more with data and video to effectively carry out their functions.

Better archive system in a CRM type of ticketing

All vital information is archived securely in an excellent CRM ticketing system when it comes to virtual call centers. This isn’t the case with traditional call solutions, where there isn’t a reliable archive ticketing system.

What technology is needed?

Technology has come to stay and develop daily. However, new IT solutions like ViiBE will help many businesses, big companies, small businesses or start-ups, who want to use support solutions for their operations.

Also, these businesses don’t have to download the app because the ViiBE tool is integrated into the CRM as a video module that they can use for customer service. The technology used by ViiBE is known as WEBRTC. With Web real-time communication, you can stress video and audio calls easily. Data transfer with virtual call solutions will be instant no matter the location.

On-Call and Alert Management Solution

Another popular tool that augments virtual call centers is an on-call and incident alert management system. The tool allows distributed call-centers to offer 24×7 coverage. With an on-call management tool, administrators can seamlessly schedule call-center employees on a digital scheduler. The incident alert management system follows this schedule, allowing customers to reach the right on-call employee on a live call or voicemail or a HIPAA-compliant message, based on the business’s requirement.

The impact of virtual call center on your customer satisfaction

There are several positive impacts virtual call centers have on customer centers.

Capture Customer Feedback as regarding Virtual call centers are good solutions in capturing customer reviews and feedback. To measure call center performances, businesses need to effectively capture customer feedback. Unlike the traditional mode of calling, they can get exactly what the customer wants and give appropriate solutions in real-time.

Moreover, you can also consider Limit on-hold time which deals with many complaints about on-hold time, however, with the integration of virtual call centers, it is different. There is a noticeable reduction in call holding, which many customers are happy about.

Furthermore, there is also Better call flow management because of the positive response from clients. It is relevant to use the right virtual call solutions which will satisfy your customers.

Lastly, it enhances first-call solutions because the agent has a better way to deal with customers. This allows them to attend better to customers and provide solutions in real-time.

Offer immediate assistance

The most important impact virtual call centers have is that they provide immediate, instant help to customers from anywhere in the world. Today’s virtual call centers are empowered with technology like cloud load balancing and multi-cloud multi-region deployment. Which enables a seamless flow of information, irrespective of the geographical location.

Furthermore, it becomes super easy to switch to video calls where call agents can use collaborative modules which includes screen sharing, laser pointers, document share and annotations. It is also possible to integrate some AR/VR video conferencing solution to give your support agent some more options to solve the problem.

Customers who want clear and quality service will enjoy virtual call center services because it always comes through every time.

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Improve customer satisfaction

Virtual call centers help improve customer service and ensure higher metrics for NPS, FCR, CSAT, and they have a sense of modernity.

Net Promoter Score is used to ascertain the loyalty of customers, especially when it comes to how they use some products. But for first call resolution, it also guarantees better customer satisfaction because it measures the agent’s ability to resolve customers’ problems at the first contact. The value of customer service for a company shouldn’t be underrated.

Furthermore, CSAT is a customer satisfaction score that shows an indication of how customers are satisfied and how they rate the producer. While also producing a sense of using the latest technologies.

The support agent productivity optimization thanks to new technologies

New technologies have always been a great solution to numerous problems, especially when it concerns IT. Support agents have better productivity optimization when it comes to delivery services or sales assistance.

Support agents with these latest technologies to help customers get the best services they desire. Assign your support agents to specific customer needs. With virtual call centers, support agents can give customers what they need.  In successful companies around the world, support and sales agents use the latest technologies, to match with the B2B sales changes, like virtual call centers to help customers get the best services they desire.

Moreover, depending on your support agent skills and experience, you can divide the agents into different categories where they can receive calls based on issues they can handle. Customers who want agents that can solve their specific needs will get to speak to the best in that area.

Assign your support agents to specific customer needs

Looking at the skills of your customer agent, virtual call centers can divide their experts into several categories, so that they can receive calls and solve them easily. Latest technologies like ViiBE allows you to manage a call center performance remotely. Use a technical recruitment specialist when you hire customer support agents, try to ensure your agents are already equipped with the right skills and level of experience to solve the issues that your customers are likely to encounter.

Track all customer issues resolution into a ticketing and reporting system

It is important to monitor all customer complaints and how they are resolved in a secured ticketing and reporting system. That is why support agents need the best tools to carry out their duties. This is to be able to measure agents’ performance and improve how they can deliver services better.

Therefore, ViiBE remains a viable option where all your data can be archived, shared and converted into infographics. It is also where all different virtual call centers can be grouped or have a report on one singular agent.

This ensures better management of call agents and a better understanding of how customers issues should be resolved. Also, agents will be better trained to be more efficient, which will make service delivery better.

Cloud-based virtual call center services have come to stay, therefore it is important for most businesses who want to stay ahead of their competitors and have better customer satisfaction to key into these virtual solutions. Using the ViiBE tool will help businesses to become better when it concerns service delivery.