Teach, earn and travel as an English nanny or governess


When you have had a stressful day of teaching, there is nothing more tempting than throwing in the towel and heading off on an exciting travel adventure.

However, the lack of funds usually holds people back. Not only do teachers rarely earn enough to travel extensively, but few jobs offer the flexibility needed to head off for weeks at a time. Though teaching is rewarding, it’s hard to deny the limitations. This is why many people are now making a change and starting to work as a VIP English nanny, a job that pays exceptionally well and provides time off to travel the world.

The Benefits of Working as an English Governess

  • English Nanny Jobs Pay Well – There are a number of benefits that come with working as an English governess, but the fact that English nanny jobs pay incredibly well is undeniably the most important. You can work, travel and earn a great salary as a teacher; three things that don’t often go hand in hand. With VIP families paying a lot for English teachers, a lot of people who work as an English governess in Moscow, Dubai, Paris or London find themselves earning more than they ever have done before. This provides enough of an income to live comfortably while still having money spare to travel, invest, buy and save. 
  • The Chance to Travel Extensively While You Work – A lot of people make the mistake of assuming working and earning is impacted when you travel, but any nanny agency in London will tell you otherwise. When you work a high paid VIP nanny job you will have the chance to travel extensively. This usually includes travelling with the family – whether that be on a family holiday or to accompany them abroad for work – and also travelling during your time off. Many jobs offer a rota with multiple weeks off, such as two weeks on and two weeks off, and this gives you time to travel as much as you like. You can satisfy the travel bug while still having a steady income. There’s no need to worry about not being able to afford to visit the places on your bucket list.
  • Men Can Also Work as an English Nanny – Don’t make the mistake of assuming that an English nanny in must be female, as there are also male governors successfully earning and travelling. It’s a common misconception that women are the only people successfully working as nannies abroad. Many men work as an English nanny and use the money to fund buying property, start their own business or they put it into worthwhile investments. These are not always valid options when working as a teacher, as your disposable income is usually a lot less and there’s rarely much of a wage left to play with at the end of the month.
  • VIP Families Have a Lot to Offer – You can ask any governess agency and they will tell you the same thing, that VIP families have a lot to offer an English nanny. VIP families hire English governesses so their children can learn English in a natural way, from a native speaker and in a pleasant environment. It’s also somewhat of a status symbol for many VIP families, as having an English governess is often seen as being a sign of success and wealth. In return, VIP families offer an impressive salary and a number of travel opportunities.
  • Teachers Have the Chance to Earn More as a Nanny or governess – There is no denying that many teachers deserve to be paid more, considering the hard work that they put into educating the youth. However, earning more is not always an option within teacher roles as salaries are strictly set. When working as an English nanny, teachers have the chance to earn a lot more than they would in a standard teaching job. This is especially true when working for VIP families, who are willing to pay a substantial amount to ensure their children learn from an educated and experienced native speaker. By contacting a nanny or governess agency they can relax knowing that their children are being taught by a trusted and friendly individual.

Becoming an English governess in Moscow may not be as difficult as you first assume, not when there are dedicated teams on hand to help. For example, Elite Educational Development – VIP Nanny and Governess Agency helps to bring VIP families and English nannies together. The website offers guidance throughout the entire process, making it a lot easier to secure a high paying nanny job.