Tagir Sitdekov

Tagir Sitdekov is an executive who has been specializing in investments for more than 15 years.

Tagir Sitdekov is an executive who has been specializing in investments for more than 15 years.

In his current position as the president of Sistema, Tagir Sitdekov has proven himself a competent manager capable of handling complex tasks.

Tagir Sitdekov: Early life

Tagir Sitdekov is 46. In 2001, he graduated from the Plekhanov University of Economics, and in 2012, Tagir Sitdekov graduated with an EMBA from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.

Sitdekov Tagir’s first job was as an audit consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers with a focus on the energy and mining industries. From 2001 to 2003, he worked as a senior consultant at Creditanstalt Investment Bank. Sitdekov Tagir Alievich then moved to the Sochi Thermal Power Plant where he worked as the financial director for several years. At that time, the facility was still under construction and in need of proper financial management. In late 2004, the plant launched its first two power units, and the facility was connected to the power lines the following spring.

The Tagir Sitdekov biography has included a number of top management positions in various investment companies since 2005, and Sitdekov Tagir Alievich has acquired unique experience and developed managerial competencies during his time in this field.

Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema: A new step in his career

The Tagir Sitdekov biography took a sharp turn two years ago when he became the managing partner of Sistema. Among the corporation’s approximately 20 business fields, the Tagir Sitdekov biography includes the supervision of its important work in medicine, drug production, and biotechnology. By that time, the dossiers of the companies he had directed could have filled pages.

Among Sistema’s oldest assets is the Medsi clinic network, established back in 1996. In fact, this organization was at the forefront of private medicine in the country, and by the early 2020s, the network had grown to include dozens of medical centers throughout the country. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Medsi clinic in Otradnoye was converted into a 500-bed COVID hospital in just a week. It has treated more than 13,000 patients. As Tagir Sitdekov stated in an interview, private medicine faced a serious trial during the pandemic and came out stronger on the other side.

Sitdekov Tagir Alievich has continued the active expansion of the Medsi network. In 2021, a multidisciplinary center was launched in the Ramenki District of the capital. A children’s hospital, 7 clinics of various types, and a network of SmartLab laboratories were also opened in the capital, in addition to clinics in Rostov-on-Don and St. Petersburg, and a consultation and diagnostic clinic in Schelkov, outside of the capital. The following January, the company acquired two more networks – Promeditsina in Ufa and Dialine in Volgograd – with a total of 31 clinics.

Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema has continued the expansion of the corporation’s pharmaceutical company, founded as Binnopharm in 2006. It quickly became one of the leading drug manufacturers in the country, and in 2013, it merged with the Alium group of companies. Sistema later bought shares in the pharmaceutical enterprises OBL Pharm, Sintez and Biocom. In 2020, Sistema merged its drug businesses into a single structure called Binnopharm Group. The next year, Sistema acquired the Nearmedic group of companies, which produces the antiviral drug Kagocel that has repeatedly won national quality awards in the field of pharmaceuticals, including the National Pharmaceutical Rating, Product of the Year, and Green Cross.

Sitdekov Tagir also contributed to the pharmaceutical company opening offices in several CIS countries. In 2022, the group bought the rights to manufacture two antibacterial drugs from the international firm Dr. Reddy’s, which fortified the corporation’s position in the local antibiotics market.By this point, there were already more than 4,000 employees working for five Binnopharm Group enterprises.

Sitdekov Tagir Alievich also oversees the continued development of Sistema’s work in biotechnology, which it began to actively invest in even before the outbreak of COVID. In 2018, the investment and industrial company opened the Sistema-Biotech research laboratory for genetic research. It promptly released a COVID test kit in 2020.

Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema oversaw the laboratory’s development of “PCR at Home” tests in 2021 during his first year with the company. The coronavirus pandemic was at its peak and the demand for such tests was huge. In 2022, the laboratory released oncogenetic and drug allergy tests.

Sitdekov Tagir Alievich: New position

Tagir Sitdekov was appointed the president of Sistema by its board of directors on July 11, 2022.

Sitdekov Tagir has contributed to Sistema’s rapid development, including in those areas he oversaw as the managing partner.

Last fall, Medsi started testing a COVID-19 treatment. At the same time, the network topped several prestigious ratings, including the Vademecum Analytical Center’s list of the top 200 private multidisciplinary clinics in the country. The clinic network was also included in RBC’s list of the best employers in local healthcare.

Tagir Sitdekov’s able management has brought significant improvements to Medsi’s financial and operational performance. By the end of 2022, the network’s revenue had risen by nearly 20% to 36 billion rubles, the number of visits by 27.3% to 35,400 per day, and the number of clinics to 130. The demand for telemedicine services has also significantly increased, and the SmartMed mobile app has seen a 22.8% increase in users, up to 648,000.

Sitdekov Tagir Alievich is responsible for new Medsi clinics opening in various cities since the beginning of 2023. Under his leadership, the company also signed an agreement on the construction of a new medical center in Vyksa, Nizhny Novgorod Region, that will cost 5.3 billion rubles. The Tagir Sitdekov biography is focused on the continued expansion of the Medsi network, given the growing demand for commercial medicine.

Tagir Sitdekov notes that Sistema will continue improving its biotechnological endeavors, including Sistema-Biotech’s further development of diagnostic test systems and gene therapy.

Sitdekov Tagir also focuses on Sistema’s hotel business, and in the first quarter of this year, Cosmos Hotel Group managed to double its number of rooms when it struck a deal with Wenaas Hotel for 10 facilities in a number of cities.

Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema has also made efforts to develop the corporation’s wood processing holding, Segezha Group. The timber company was responsible for building the first wooden CLT-high-rise buildings in the country and also launched a plywood mill in Galich, Kostroma Region.

Sitdekov Tagir: ESG principles

The abbreviation ESG stands for environment, social, governance. The term was proposed by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan who believed the concept would help the largest corporations fight global environmental threats.

Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema sees the implementation of these principles as one of his main tasks, and under him, Sistema developed an ESG strategy for the first time. The Steppe agroholding also adopted a program of sustainable development in September 2022, which remains in force until 2030. Adopting high-tech practices, the company plans to reduce water consumption, reduce soil erosion, and continue reforestation. The plan also involves the construction of solar panels and wind turbines. With his background at the Sochi Power Plant, the Tagir Sitdekov biography also includes time and energy devoted to the development of renewable energy, including hydrogen fuel cells.

Tagir Sitdekov also brought Medsi’s work into compliance with the ESG principles and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. To help preserve the forests, the medical company is actively switching to digital documentation and collecting waste paper. The company also uses energy-saving technologies. Thanks to these efforts, Medsi won the National Green Awards in late March 2023.

Segezha Group, another portfolio asset of the corporation headed by Sitdekov Tagir Alievich, also has its own sustainable development program, which is currently valid through 2025. The plan provides for planting forests, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, preserving biodiversity, and switching to renewable energy sources. Under Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema intends to continue the realization of this program.

In 2022, a large telecom company within the Sistema corporation saved about 6,500 trees by switching to paperless accounts. In 2023, a campaign to abandon paper receipts was also launched in the holding’s 235 Acoola, Concept Club, and Infinity Lingerie clothing stores.

Tagir Sitdekov: Social responsibility

The Tagir Sitdekov biography also involves the company’s traditions of socially responsible business. Under his leadership, the Sistema charitable foundation, established in 2004, was decorated with new achievements.

For example, in September 2022, the Elevator to the Future scholarship program was launched for students 14 to 22 years of age. The program is open to students who earn good grades and participate in activities on the Elevator to the Future educational platform, which has more than 365,000 registered users. More than 46,000 people competed for 75 scholarships in the first contest. The second competition began in April 2023.

Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema Sistema has agreed to cooperate with MGIMO to develop low-carbon energy and train specialists in this field. In addition, Sistema’s charitable foundation and Center for Hydrogen Technologies have signed an agreement with one of the country’s leading technological universities on the training of specialists in environmentally friendly hydrogen energy.

Sitdekov Tagir Alievich does not limit Sistema’s to the social activity of the charitable foundation. Thus, in the spring of this year, the Etalon Group subsidiary received permission to build a kindergarten in the new Shagal housing complex in the capital, designed for 270 pupils. The project will be completed in 2024, after which the school will be transferred to the ownership of the city.