Start a white-label business in one transaction and gain a loyal customer with every swipe

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When it comes to existing businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to own a business without the lengthy growth stage, heavy investment, risk, and innovative idea which never comes around because everything is already invented, white-label is the new label everyone is wearing.

From food, fashion, and make-up to digital marketing content, any product is up for the white-label taking. And just as quick as financial institutions approve credit for those with a full bank account, white-label products are being scooped up and turned into successful enterprises just as fast. The rapid speed of white-label popularity is due to its benefits – it’s easy to start a white-label business, however, it’s now hard to find an innovative idea or product to white-label. Until now, that is.

Wallester, an Estonian licensed financial institution that develops financial digital technology and issues VISA cards, is providing the entrepreneur and avid business owner with a white-label credit card issuing solution unlike anything else in the market. First off, they’re offering a white Label model-based mobile app that allows your clients to make instant payments and manage their cards in real-time! Cardholders of your payment cards are able to instantly sign in to the app using their phone number, email address, or another method of your choice.

They’re also able to view transactions and transactional data, and can easily order virtual cards from the app.

Wallester’s easy-to-use platform and white-label system come with all the possibilities associated with issuing white-label credit cards in your existing business or your new business, and it is as easy as swiping a card. Basically, starting your business with Wallester is like one transaction at that bank – quick, easy and you’re always assured that you’ll get money out.

Then, when you’re up and running with your new white-label credit card issuing business, or have added this innovative white-label offering to your current clients, expect to gain more loyalty with every swipe of your customer’s card. Why? Well, clients are looking to be loyal and to spend their money at stores they love, trust and receive rewards from.

Think about it, no matter what you’re in, a white-label card is a new customer magnet. Marketing companies have sign-up rewards. Online casinos have bonus rewards. Coffee shops have loyalty cards and that famous 10th free cup. But these rewards are tired and customers are no longer loyal to these outdated offerings.

Now, with shoppers’ inability to resist that money offer, or line of credit to shop until they drop, a white-label credit card is the newest and most effective way to attract new business, retain customers and expand your services. Not only that, but think of the possibilities.

Offer a credit card payment portal and create streamlined payments that make your business’ bookkeeping easy. Offer gift cards and expand your service offerings. Brand your cards and enjoy marketing with every swipe. Go beyond the card’s functional use and make them a white-labelled line of credit. Keep track of customers’ purchases and track their spending, and with this, get to know your customers better. Increase customers with free card rewards and solutions.

Yes, white-label is a generic product created by someone else and manufactured in bulk or mass and then personalised, customised, and branded. But our white-label credit cards are more than that – they’re marketing with every swipe. They’re a tool to drive business up; a product to expand your business; a product to grow profits and retain clients.

Start a business in one transaction; launch your own branded credit card via our white-label system and gain loyalty from your clients with every swipe today! Money talks, but our cards talk louder. For more information regarding our card issuing business, visit