Slot players who hit the jackpot


You might think that slot machines are a great way to pass the time – a good few minutes of fun to liven hop your day.

You would be right, but did you know that a slot game can actually change your life? You can find plenty of Jackpots at Wizard Slots when you sign up today.

Depending on what slot you are playing, there is a potential for a jackpot to award you a life changing sum of money. With the format’s shift to online in the last decade, has come a real sense of competitiveness between developers and online casinos, as they try to offer customers and possible customers the best possible online gambling experience.

With that, comes a focus on offering the biggest possible jackpots and as such, they seem to keep getting higher and higher. Also, there are a number of themes which developers use to create interesting and innovative slots, but when it comes to jackpots, look no further than the jackpot-themed offering.

These slots are geared all around the promise of a big win and some players have fulfilled that promise. Here are some of the biggest ever slot game wins, to offer you some inspiration to start chasing your own, starting with a world record slot game win.

£13,209,300 won on MEGA MOOLA

This is a game that offers exactly what the name suggests, as MEGA MOOLAH can provide you with just that.

The game has become world famous thanks to a world record slot game jackpot payout, as a British shoulder netted a prize bigger than anyone else in online slot game history. Just the mere 13 million pounds was the prize for this lucky gambler – an amount of money never seen before.

Betway Casino was the gambling company in question for this payout who, we are sure were a little bit worried when they had to pay out such a big fee. But that said, the effects of some seriously worldwide PR, would have made a lot of extra traffic for Betway, who now have a fine reputation for playing out big wins.

€17,861,800 won on Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is a game by Net Ent, a provider known for some really good graphics and, thanks to wins like this, they are known as an online developer who love to help gamblers get some big wins!

Mega Fortune embody this ethos from Net Ent Gaming, offering what is a vert small minimum bet in order to be inclusive to all gamblers. However, the outcome is still some massive jackpots on Mega Fortune which is another game that does what it says on the tin, cohering to the jackpot theme.

A Finnish player once bet 25 cents and won almost 18 million euros on this game, putting themselves in the history books as one of the biggest European winners ever.

$9.2 million won on MEGA MOOLAH

You have have heard about Europe and the UK, but what about the States?

USA is a gambling hub and, playing on MEGA MOOLAH, that aforementioned worldwide spectacle, a player has been known to have won a big $9.2 million. So, no matter where you are in the world, a life changing sum of money can be won on an online slot.