Safety in the workplace: How businesses work during COVID-19

Typical work practices all of business types are being affected by COVID-19. Take a look at how businesses can work to stay safe during Coronavirus lockdown.

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the world as we know it. With the CDC recommending social distancing as a way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the way businesses work is going to have to change too.

Are you wondering what you can do as a company owner to keep you and your employees safe?

Keep reading to learn how businesses work during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Practice Perfect Hygiene

Having perfect hygiene is more important than ever before. Not only should employees wash their hands regularly, but it would be a good idea to train them to wash their hands in the most thorough way possible.

You should also instruct employees to only touch items and surfaces in the workplace that are essential to getting their job done.

The items and surfaces they do touch, however, should be wiped down and sanitized on a regular basis. These items can include keyboards, door handles, and office supplies.

Offer Telecommuting

More and more employees have been commuting full-time or part-time over the years. Back then, the reason was for convenience, saving money on gas, and more. Now, telecommuting can be a powerful strategy for keeping your employees safe.

Additionally, if an employee isn’t telecommuting, you should instruct them to stay home when they don’t feel well. Symptoms of coronavirus include dry coughing, fever, muscle soreness, fatigue, and more.

Employees who think their job is in jeopardy might still come into work if they’re exhibit symptoms. This is why your business needs to let employees know that they have job security and will be taken care of.

Limit Your Hours

When you limit your hours like BE Offices have done, you can limit the number of times employees are exposed to each other and to clients. When possible, clients should get their services or products from your business by using the phone or other social distancing technology.

Limited hours will also give the night staff lots of time to sanitize your entire business so it’s safe during hours of operation. This is especially helpful for high-traffic businesses, such as grocery stores, banks, and restaurants.

Equip Your Employees With Safety Gear

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s certain safety gear you’ll want to give to the employees who are not telecommuting.

Employees who have to interact with customers, for instance, should wear face masks. Gloves are also important, especially when an employee has to touch a wide range of objects and surfaces. A steady supply of hand sanitizer will allow your employees to keep their hands extra clean.

Supplies can sometimes be short but the more safety gear you can get for your employees, the better.

Now You Know How Businesses Work

How businesses work is already changing with this current pandemic. When we practice these helpful tips, we can make sure that everyone is as safe as possible.

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