Rechargeable and Waterproof HQD Tech Vapes: The Future of Vaping

HQD Tech Vape devices come with durable, rechargeable batteries and waterproof construction. These vapes are also disposable, a bonus for anyone who smokes regularly.

HQD Tech Vape devices come with durable, rechargeable batteries and waterproof construction. These vapes are also disposable, a bonus for anyone who smokes regularly.

Historically, only vape mods have been waterproof, so HQD Tech products have effectively changed the game.

Since these vapes came out, however, there has been some controversy. Some people say they’re not ready for these types of devices. Others say these vapes are going to revolutionize vaping. It’s time you find out what all the hype is about.

What Are HQD Tech Vapes?

HQD Tech vapes are water-resistant e-cigarettes that you can completely submerge in water. They have long-lasting batteries and are available in multiple flavors — from tobacco to menthol to strawberry banana — with different nicotine strengths.

Each HQD vape comes with an atomizer, too, so you can switch things up when necessary.

The Future of Vaping

The HQD Tech vape line is a new, exciting development in the vaping industry. These innovative vape pens are waterproof and rechargeable, making them smart choices for vaping enthusiasts.

The battery packs a punch. The lithium-ion power cell lasts for a long time on a single charge, so the devices are easy to use several times throughout the day without worrying about accessing an outlet or a USB port. Users can also take advantage of the charger that comes with these vapes.

The flavor produced by HQD Tech vapes is on par with some of the most expensive vaporizers currently available. These products let users enjoy a high-quality experience while saving money. It’s reasonable to assume that HQD Tech vapes could soon be one of the most popular vaporizers on the market.

A Breakdown of HQD Tech Vapes

These rechargeable and waterproof vapes from HQD Tech are the newest additions to its already impressive vaping arsenal. Each provides a bang for your buck, but which one is best for you?

CUVIE SLICK|Powerful and Waterproof

HQD Tech USA’s new CUVIE SLICK is a waterproof vape with a portable case and a USB charger.

The KIKI vape pen kit is for on-the-go vaping, combining the convenience of a vape pen with the power of an e-cigarette.

The CUVIE MARS is the newest addition to HQD’s sleek line of vapes and features a lock mode to prevent accidental button pressing when carrying the device.

HQD has also released new Limited Edition vapes called ELFBAR. They come in unique flavors and feature an ergonomic design that fits great in your hand.

The Lost Mary (OS5000) is perfect for relaxing by the water or just lounging around, while the BC 5000 is a mint tobacco-flavored vape for people who prefer more traditional options.


The CUVIE BAR is a disposable e-cigarette you don’t need to charge or refill. Like other HQD Tech products, it uses a water-based liquid, and you can smoke it anywhere.

Its distinguishing feature is an LCD screen showing the current battery life. As it drains, you’ll know exactly how much time you have left with each puff. You can see if the voltage is automatically dropping (indicating that the battery life is nearing its end).

If this happens, you can charge the CUVIE BAR and wait for it to turn back on.

Other Rechargeable and Waterproof Vapes

These waterproof and rechargeable vapes are perfect for many situations. Whether at a festival, in the shower or in the pool, they’ll help you enjoy your experience. These HQD vapes include:

  • The ELEAF iStick Mini. An option for for beginners, as it’s small, sleek and portable
  • The VOOPOO Argus. An affordable dual-18650 box mod that doesn’t skimp on features or performance, which makes it a better option for more advanced vapers
  • The ECPOW UGO V3. A portable vape that provides super flavorful hits and huge clouds
  • The PAX 3. A compact and classy device that lets you enjoy dry herb vapor in the palm of your hand
  • The iMini Twist. An excellent choice if you want a powerful and lasting battery but don’t want to spend too much money