Online casino trends for 2019

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Check out our predictions for online casino trends in 2019! Get ready for a fantastic year ahead in online gaming.

Onwards and Upwards for Online Casinos in 2019

The online gaming industry is like a city that never sleeps. The brightest minds in both business and tech have come together to create an entertainment platform that constantly reinvents itself through innovative ideas and incredible advancements in software and technology. Every year we’ve seen improvements across the whole spectrum of online gaming and 2019 looks set to take gaming to even greater heights.

Live Casino

Live casino is an area of gaming that has perhaps seen the most interesting developments in recent years and we expect to see a leap forward in 2019. Every top-class online casino now includes a wide selection of live casino games from one of a handful of top software developers. It might seem like a daunting task to switch to a live casino if you have never played it before, but sites like can help you out with that.

The popularity of these live games has also led to the development and expansion of state-of-the-art live casino studios, with greater emphasis placed on camera angles, HD feeds and uninterrupted streaming. We think that players will get to experience an even deeper sense of immersion into the live casino atmosphere, with more games streamed live from a real casino floor, more fluid interaction with the dealer and other players, and a greater variety of tables available.

Virtual Reality

The introduction of VR, or virtual reality, has been teased for quite a while now, but we think 2019 will be the year that VR games become a mainstream reality. The technology has caught up with the dream and the gaming studios are on the cusp of introducing it to their live game format. The implications for live casino games are very exciting. Taking a seat at a live casino table could take on a whole new meaning. The interactions between players will be more meaningful and the whole gaming experience could become more social and enjoyable.


The use of cryptocurrencies within the online casino industry has already become much more widespread, and in 2019 we expect to see an even greater number of online casinos offering this option to their players. The value of a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin may have seen some ups and downs, but the currency itself isn’t going anywhere. The benefits of using Bitcoin or Eutherian to make deposits in an online casino far outweigh the cons. Online security is the primary concern of most players and a cryptocurrency offers just that because it’s not connected to a bank account and therefore players do not need to provide any financial details in order to use it.

Mobile Casinos

One of the biggest trends we saw in 2018 was the use of mobile phones and tablets for online gaming. We see this trend spill over into 2019 with an even stronger current. Players demand convenience and nothing is more convenient that being able to play games on a smart phone. We forecast an increase in the number of live games that will be available to mobile users and we also predict that any casino lagging behind when it comes to mobile compatibility will find itself no longer relevant. Online casinos will either have to get with the programme or find themselves out in the cold.

Online Security

Finally, we think 2019 will see developments in technology that will lead to increased online security. Login procedures, particularly for mobile users, are sure to evolve in order to allow players a faster way to get to their games, and this could mean that fingerprint or voice recognition will replace passwords and usernames.

And as more online casinos appear on the horizon, the governing bodies in charge of licences and regulations are sure to up the ante in order to protect players from any unscrupulous entities.  And the online casinos will put ever greater store on protecting players from third party interference.