New Regulations & the Casino Industry in 2018


Online gambling has been grown significantly in recent years.

Given the increased legitimisation by the UK, new casino sites are trying to enter the market and the progressive growth of the industry as a whole, regulations are becoming stricter and more rules are being set.

Although obtaining the relevant licenses for operating can be fairly easy, certain new regulations are liable to be difficult to afford and abide by in 2018.

How will the new regulations be imposed?

New casinos will find it easy to adapt to some of the new regulations. However, reports from online players who’ve faced problems have led to more governments taking a stand to deal with casinos that are known to take unfair advantage of their customers. Certain rules have been implemented in some states, which allow casinos to advertise promotional limits that would attract fewer players. Also, depending on the operational jurisdiction, new online casinos would have to limit their player bonuses.

Limits on deposit methods

It’s essential to note that governments around the world would have more on their hands than the regulation of new casinos. Certain actions could be put in place that will have a huge impact on players. For example, there are more than a few criminal players who make use of casinos as a front for laundering ‘dirty’ money. Therefore, deposit and withdrawal processes have been made stricter than before by regulatory bodies. Authorities would also cut down on the available payment methods, so as to discourage the chances of money laundering occurring.

Strict deposit and withdrawal limits

While online players have the liberty to deposit as much as they like into their casino accounts, the amount of money which they would be able to play with – and the amount which they could win – would be limited as a result of the regulations which are meant to control the activities of ‘bad casinos’. This would have a huge impact on players, as well as operators.

Fewer games and market options

Online casinos offer hundreds of thousands of gaming options, especially for new players. However, the available markets and number of games would soon be limited by regulations meant to control the prevalence of ‘rigged gaming software’. Governments are also trying to put an end to the negative reviews for most online casinos, as the industry has been gaining a bad reputation as a result of certain casinos attempting to scam gamers.

Turboluck has been compiling positive reviews about online casinos, as more and more people from across the globe are joining the industry, thus leading to increased value addition. The online casino market will therefore undoubtedly thrive in 2018, although there’ll likely be more than a few obstacles to negotiate. New casinos will have a hard time obtaining most of the relevant licenses needed to maintain smooth operations. To ensure their business transactions are completely legal, they will need to abide by the strict rules implemented by governments.

Although players might suffer unfavourable experiences as a result of these regulations, they should understand that they are only in place to defend their welfare and ensure a better and safer gaming environment for everyone. These regulations are also meant to encourage genuine online casinos and give them confidence by providing a level playing ground within the industry.