NBA greatest coaches of all time

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There is one thing that athletes need. And to be the best they need to have a good coach around him.

Athletes can have all the talent that the world is looking for. But without a great coach or mentor, that talent will become very useless. A real talent need someone who can properly spot it and nurture it. That is the only reason why the NBA has been graced with some top players. Not because they know it all. But they came through some good coaches whom they looked up to.

Therefore, let’s highlight some of the NBA greatest coaches of all time as highlighted by some online sports betting companies recently.

John Kundla

Do you still remember the great John Kundla AKA “JK”? Kundla was the coach of the Minneapolis Lakers for a magnificent 11 seasons. He carried a total of 423-302. And significantly he was the coach of the first dynasty in the NBA.

He will always be part of the Lakers Hall of Fame since he managed to lead them to five championship in a six year stretch.

As if that is not enough he was the youngest coach ever the time he took over the Lakers dugout at the age of 31.

Red Holzman

Holzman was the coach of the great Knicks during the 70s. In his prime time he compiled a record of 696-604. He went on and led the Knicks to two amazing championships in 1970 and 11973.

Moreover, the Knicks went on a winning spiral with a record 18-game winning during his tenure in 1969. He then went on and scoop the coach of the year award in 1970 and he was included in the Hall of Fame in 1985.

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