Managing the casino


Robert Brassai is the consultant, strategist and gaming expert of Sense4gaming. Robert is also a founding member of the gaming consulting firm.

He is the leading casino executive that uses his experience in order to establish and transform a casino. In the past 25 years, he was able to open and manage industry leading companies like Sun International, Queenco and Kerzner International.

In this article, Robest Brassai talks about managing a regular casino. In the industry, Robert Brassai is considered a stable column. He was born in South Africa, he says in one of the interviews, how he was born in the middle of nowhere, between Jo’Burg and Sun City, South Africa, in a Dacia which was revving at 5.000 and barely making it up a hill.

 He would call the birth difficult, despite this, he is certain that he will have a bright future. Robert Brassai thinks that the casino industry produces leaders though its gatherings, while most of life walks are a mix of formal studies and time spent to learn and apply the skills learned in the classroom.

Making A Career

In the land-based casinos, a short training course can start a way into the industry. The online casinos, like Admiral Casino, are not too far from that either. They also need to add some train courses for their employees, especially towards the customer support part. 

In real life, this means that people can get promoted based on their personality, dexterity, relations skills. In addition, people can get promoted even when a position is needed to fill. Sometimes the management believes that promoting people from within the company, will strengthen the morale of the employee.

There are also some casino companies put little emphasis on management education. And those that choose to train their employees, choose their best and brightest. This is especially true for EMEA region, most of Asia and Latin America. However in the US, there is a different approach.

So what options are available when comes in wanting to go forward and become a knowledgeable casino manager? Robert Brassai believes that people need to be self-motivated. In order to become self-motivated, they can read from articles, white papers, studies. It’s not always easy to connect some dots in managing the resources. 

People also need to learn to be relevant, but as technology progresses, the methodologies and principles changes fast and it’s hard to maintain the pace. Robert Brassai also says that it would be nicer to work for companies that have an education programme or to have the willingness to train and add courses, like EDP or the TGA.

The direct managers are probably what makes a big difference in shaping a career. They are the ones that can show what kind of leader to be and how professional you can become. Find a mentor or let the mentor find you. There are plenty of brilliant minds in the world.

The Modern Times Casino

To maintain a casino, a managing director has to be relevant. Let’s take as an example, the millennials. Based on sketchy, irrelevant information, casino managers are into products that takes a serious amount of floor space that has to be used for a few hours, every weekend, by visitors that come and go.

Of course, there will always be trials and errors, but many of these could be avoided if leading people would have the knowledge to take sound decisions based on facts, mathematics, logic and common sense. The millennials want innovation, creativity and entertainment. Millennials value the leading people that take feedback.

When it is about a work environment, millennials embrace a flat management structure. And because they can be potential leaders, they also add value towards an organisation that doesn’t have the “up the ladder” system.   

The purpose of these words is discussing ideas and issues that can make a difference in how to run a venue and help the industry in adding extra knowledge in an era of online casinos and knowledge-based casinos.