Main online gaming regulators & licensing bodies

Like every industry, the gambling site must hold a license from the regulatory bodies to ensure their customers’ protection and fairness.

It is the case for both online or brick and mortar casinos that desire to have great successes in their business. Smart gamblers only choose to play at the regulated casinos in order to preserve their safety and personal interests.

There are multiple benefits from the regulators like fair gaming and funds safeguard. Many commissions have built their authorities in the world with the same objective “equilibrium and insurance gambling”. In this article, we’ll talk about the main online gaming regulators and licensing bodies on the planet.

North America

New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE)

It is obvious for a gaming related company to get the so-called gambling license in New Jersey. New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has been the well-known entity offering services to their target constituencies. Created in 1970 in Atlantic City, this governmental agency in the United States of New Jersey and DGE has the main goal to ensure the integrity of the gambling industry including betting sports and other games.

Moreover, since 2013, DGE has also delivered licenses to Atlantic City casinos permitting the all casino sites to grow their businesses by launching various high-quality casino games while ensuring their customers.

Kahnawake Gaming Commission (Canada)

Kahnawake Gaming Commission has licensed both land-based and gambling sites in Southern Quebec. It was created in 1996 and has been the most popular in online regulation offering four types of licenses including Interactive Gaming Licences, Client Provider Authorisation, Inter-Jurisdictional Authorisation, and Key Person Permit.

Good news for the aficionados as it also regulates a wide number of online games such as online poker, online casino, and online sportsbook sites. A lot of gambling sites have held a remote gambling license as Kahnawake is attractive to its small taxes and fees. Serious in their works, this commission is effective for resolving customers’ disputes and frequent complaints.


UK Gambling Commission

As its name suggests, the UK Gambling Commission establishes license procedures for the gaming firms in the United Kingdom. All best online casinos for gambling hold licenses by this powerful regulator. Notorious to have a strict set of rules and regulations when it comes to governing the online casinos, UKGC has already fined a number of gambling industries. Like all gaming regulators, the concerned companies have to pay for licensing and taxes in order to have permission to operate there. Its license is, surely, affordable to the customers and the operators. The players can experience a fair gaming letting them have transparency in term of a chance of winning.

Gibraltar Licensing Authority

Gibraltar Licensing Authority has become well-reputed to offer regulated gaming firms that have placed strict rules and a serious code of conduct. Many companies have chosen to locate their business in this region, so it is now popular to have the largest gambling industry in Europe.

As a result, there are many gambling sites that hold a remote gambling license in this Authority including the online casinos, betting, and poker. These gaming industries must build trust among the gamblers by ensuring their protection. In addition, one of the main advantages with Gibraltar is gaming fairness guaranteed to all the keen.

Malta Gaming Authority

Malta is one of the famous choices among online gambling firms. A renowned commission in this Mediterranean island is Malta Gaming Authority that presents an array of benefits both to the operators and players.

In fact, it is also considered to be the preferred global remote gaming regulator. Many gambling industries are licensed on this small island as it has four different options to choose when it comes to a license. They include remote gaming, remote betting, abet remote gaming, and host and manage remote gaming operators. Their rules consist to help those customers to enjoy the games and other gambling services in a secure, fair, and fun atmosphere.


Russia has a bad reputation in term of gambling online due to the strict rules of this country as well as the existence of illegal gambling industries. Before, online gambling was completely banned in this country, but now, there a few operators provide their services there.

Roskomnadzor is gaming regulator that has the role to protect the players and the firms against scams and a lot of possible injustices. Unfortunately, this devoted regulator was proclaimed as illegal by the state leading the closure of some gambling companies there. Nevertheless, there are some firms that have continued to give fun to the enthusiasts.


France is one of the most important gambling locations in the world. This country that is open to the world approved the regulation of online gambling in 2010. To protect people, the country established ARJEL (stands for Autorité de Regulation des Jeux en Ligne) that gives the license to the legal industry. However, this authority is known to have higher taxation which is a bit regret to the operators. As France is the centre of the largest betting markets in Europe, ARJEL has the main principles to protect the participants against many issues by allowing them to appreciate the real money online games.

Spanish Gaming Commission

Despite the fact that Spain is new to regulating online gambling, it has very skilled and experimented players. Spanish Gaming Commission was established after the opening of the gambling market to protect the players and offer the license for those who fulfil the requirements. Nevertheless, like France, this commission is notorious to have expensive tax.

The most renowned game there is a poker and like in France, Portugal, and Italy, this nation has authorized Spanish-licensed online poker licensees. Therefore, the poker players are able to show their talent during the poker pool while guarantying to play the game with the secure and trustworthy atmosphere.

The Caribbean

Curacao Internet Gambling Association (Curacao)

Located in the north coast of Venezuela, Curacao is considered to be the older on gambling industry as it was established in 1996. Curacao Internet Gambling Association was built after the regulation of online gambling. They offer different sorts of licenses which cover the gambling industries and the software developers.

One of the main advantages with Curacao is the favourable tax with a rapid procedure. This regulator is also interesting for the simplicity of its gambling laws. Unlike some countries, getting a license Curacao is not complicated increasing the number of operators to grow their business in this small island nation.


ACT Gambling and Racing Commission

Based in Australia, ACT Gambling and Racing Commission started to operate in 2004. It has the main function to regulate the activities relating to gambling including betting, racing, lotteries, and, gaming machines. In addition, this gambling licensor has other roles such as approve gaming and racing activities, solve and research the problems and the social effects of gambling.

The ACT uses effective policies when it comes to improving this industry in Australia. That is the main reason for its success towards the operators there. Apart from reviewing legislation and strategies relating to gambling, it also provides education services leading to a better gambling environment.


First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation (The Philippines)

The Philippines is also the well-known nation that gives the online gambling licenses for industries. Its success is undeniable because most operators who want to develop their firms in this region have to take a license from the gambling licensor.

First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation is the preferred regulator with the main objective to prevent gamblers on any issues as well as controlling all the gambling industries. Knowing to have a positive reputation, First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation work with the online gambling companies like the online casino game, sports betting, Sportsbook, Fixed odds, Betting Exchange, Lotteries, and Bingo.


China Sports Lottery and The China Welfare Lottery

The gambling industry has turned into the lucrative business over the past few years. Most of the online casino games are successfully developed due to the convenience, a large choice of games, and huge rewards. In China, this country has also the greatest gambling market. More and more Chinese players are becoming adept of online gambling.

Among the well-known regulators, there is China Sports Lottery and The China Welfare Lottery that have stricter rules regarding customers ‘advantages. Actually, China Sports Lottery and The China Welfare Lottery were at the beginning the only two legal lotteries operated by the Chinese government. Since the existence of this regulator, the players can try their luck without any fears.

Final Words

As licensing has become more important, the customers have started to trust more on them. Nowadays, almost all reputed online casinos are licensed and controlled by one or more regulators. They realize that regulatory industries are the main key for a growth business. Although they have to pay higher or lower taxations (depending on the regulator), getting the license is absolutely paramount with a great impact on the players.

Those gamers are able to choose the site they like and can play online real money games safely. Last but not least, before playing, always check the gambling site if it is licensed by the renowned regulators