Licensed vs. unlicensed casinos

Licensed Casino

Have you ever heard of Spelpaus? It’s a gambling act that was passed in Sweden in January of 2019, designed to regulate both online and land-based casinos to protect both the operators and gamblers. While Sweden does not allow any unlicensed casinos to operate in the country, there are some surprising benefits to gambling in unlicensed casinos.

Why do casinos need regulation, though? These regulations place spending limits on gamblers so that they don’t run into any problems later. Furthermore, most bettors would prefer to visit licensed gambling websites, as they are much less likely to lose a large amount of money due to lack of regulations.

It is now mandatory for all casinos in Sweden to be registered with Spelpaus. Since its implementation, more than 30,000 casinos have registered, and the number is only expected to grow.

However, let’s talk a little bit about the benefits of gambling at a casino without Spelpaus.

Of course, not every Swede will want to register with Spelpaus, and for a good reason. Online casinos not registered with Spelpaus offer unlimited bonuses that come in a variety of forms and sizes. These bonuses range from cash back, no deposit, free spins, VIP bonus, and more.

Unlicensed casinos also do not require bank ID verification. This is great if you want to sign up and play. In contrast, licensed casinos not only require ID verification, but some are even starting to incorporate facial recognition into their sign up process.

Have you ever dreamed of playing at a casino where the sky was the spending limit? While this is precisely what Spelpaus tries to fix, many gamblers would play without spending restrictions. Not only do unlicensed casinos have no spending restrictions, but they also have no deposit or withdrawal restrictions, either. For the gambler who is looking for utterly free play, unlicensed casinos are the places to go.

Furthermore, gamblers playing in unlicensed casinos don’t have to worry about playing by any specific rules set by authorities, which may be the most attractive feature of playing in these types of casinos. However, because the laws surrounding play in unlicensed markets are somewhat ambiguous, gamblers are urged to proceed with caution. If something does happen to go awry in these casinos, though, players will be left high and dry, and the authorities will be unlikely to help them.

In the end, the decision to go with licensed or unlicensed ultimately comes down to the type of gambling experience you’re looking for. Gamblers looking to abide by the rules and play in a safe, regulated environment will be quite happy gambling in licensed casinos. For the more freewheeling player who is looking for a free gambling experience, unlicensed casinos may be better. We want to remind you, though, to proceed with caution when gambling at an unlicensed casino for the reasons listed above. While you don’t have any spending, deposit, and withdrawal limits, you can lose a big chunk of money and have no safety net to recoup any unexpected losses.

Photo by Kay on Unsplash