Let’s look at UKs new casinos

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The UK online casino industry is booming, and statistics from the gambling commission make for promising reading for anyone who has investment within the online casino in particular.

With an annual gross gambling yield of over £5 billion for the 2018-2019 tax year for the combined online gambling industry, the clear stand out performances come from the UK online slots companies who netted a gross gambling yield of £2.1 billion. This is a 5.8% increase against the previous year and is moving in a different, more positive direction that the overall gambling industry.

With online gambling accounting for 37% of all gambling revenue, this vital sector looks set to continue rising as more and more new online casinos open up within the UK.

So when it comes to the new online casinos in the UK, who should you be looking out for, and what makes for great user experience? Understanding the ways in which these companies and websites operate, and the services that they provide will help to gain an understanding of the ever-growing popularity of these sites. If you are interested in reading more about a new casino click here.

New Casinos Vs. Old

When it comes to customer perception, more modern casinos offer something that the older ones lack. With the need to compete at a higher level, the less established casinos need to make their offer considerably more enticing to bring in the crowds.

This means that they will be offering more significant mobile optimization as the majority of players are accessing these sites from their smartphones. There is a tendency towards better bonuses and faster payouts.

Technical areas such as the way that the interfaces work and the features that sites offer are also things that prove to be very popular amongst online casino users. These are areas that many new websites are focusing their attention on to make a point of difference in comparison to the more established sites. MobileCasinoKings.com have put together a Top 10 list of quality casinos

Competitive Welcome Bonus’ Bring In The Crowds

One of the most significant ways of attracting new users in though is by giving them the most attractive welcome bonus’ that there are available. With many sites offering deposits reaching up as far as £1500, you can see how they are working hard to maintain the relationship with the user that will prove to be long-lasting.

Bonus’ are staggard and are used to supplement the money that the user deposits. Then, in addition to this, free spins will be determined for particular games. This allows users to buildup a connection to a specific game and provides the opportunity to try everything that is available before settling on a favorite. The cash amount in bonus’ can vary dramatically between the different casino sites, with some putting more onus on free spins or even cashback offers.

Customers need to be aware of the wagering requirements before jumping into this handsome bonus’. As to reap winnings, a user may have to have played through several sets of winnings before users are eligible for a payout.

Security Factors

With prizes running quite easily into the tens of thousands, there are several security concerns that both customers and the industry may have. The temptation for criminal activity and fraud is obviously something that many may be concerned by. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks have been known to happen to casinos online in the past. Companies have been held to ransom over attacks such as these. But casinos will have policies and procedures to protect themselves from such actions.

For the user, the significant thing that they need to be concerned with is the sites safety certificate, or the SSL (secure sockets layer), this will indicate that all personal details are held behind encryption and cannot be accessed by hackers. Strong passwords are essential, and when dealing with gambling transactions frequently, it is important to change these often.

Many of the new UK online casinos are owned and operated by companies that have existing online gambling concerns. This means that they have tried and tested systems in place and will clearly understand the needs of the user when it comes to online safety and security.

Users may want to look into the company that owns the casino if they are in any way concerned about their safety online. Full details of the ownership of the casino should be provided on the website, and if they are not, then it may be safer to use one of a great many others out there instead.