Is the future of gambling digital?


It is no overstatement to say that the gambling landscape has undergone a radical change in recent years.

Where it was once based around heading down to your local land-based casino or betting shop, it is now becoming an enduringly digital affair.

This can be seen in statistics released from the UK’s Gambling Commission that sum up the current state of the gambling sector in the UK. Its latest findings show a fall in the number of betting shops by 151 in recent times and a neutral net figure for land-based casinos.

When you then observe that the online gambling sector has seen a rise of 3% in the last year to hold a near 40% share of the whole market, it is clear to see that the wind of change is blowing hard. This makes it a real key industry for UK business due to the money it brings into the whole economy and the jobs it will create.

Of course, the burning question for anyone interested in the UK gambling sector and the businesses within it is, why has digital gambling started to overtake its real-world cousins?

Online gambling is more convenient

Whether you like to bet on sport or play casino games, digital ways of gambling are just much more convenient. Rather than having to get dressed and actually travel to your local casino or bookie, you can log on from the comfort of your own sofa to gamble. Online casinos and bookies are also always open, which is much better for allowing you to play or bet whenever you wish. With no restrictive opening times, you also never miss out on betting opportunities or in-game chances to win.

Online casinos have better bonuses

While it is true that online bookmakers run many great promotions to bet on sport, it is perhaps online casino sites that offer the best advantage here. Simply put, compared to their physical counterparts, online casinos have a much more attractive range of welcome bonuses and bonuses for existing players.

Taking advantage of this can see you have much more money to play with and therefore win with. Click here to see an example of the best online casino bonuses that online betting specialists can offer.

Greater selection

As well as more bonuses, online gambling will usually provide a greater choice of markets to bet on. This is certainly true for online casinos, where the major ones will offer literally hundreds of slot titles to enjoy along with live dealer games and classic casino games. You would just not get this type of choice in a physical casino.

This is also true for online sports betting sites, which usually carry a much greater number of markets to bet on than your local bookie could offer. Many now will even allow you to dictate the bet you want to make, for which they will then give you custom odds!

Reduced costs

Another reason that many are choosing to go digital when it comes to gambling is the money they save. This may sound strange when we are talking about gambling, but naturally this is not about the money you play with! The simple fact is that going to land-based casinos or bookies will involve additional costs that playing online avoids.

From the cost of petrol in your car, to buying that paper to check form on for bookies, to hiring a tux to get into a casino, going real world can really eat into your bank balance. Playing online on the other hand incurs much less expense overall, which gives you more money to save or play with.

Online gambling is tech-savvy

There is no doubt that we live in a technically savvy world now where most of us enjoy using things that are online or digital. Online gambling is perfectly placed to make the most of this demand due to it being a digital medium also.

This will only see more people enjoy using it and choosing to gamble this way as the years progress. As technological advances such as AI and VR are incorporated into online gaming, traditional ways of betting will begin to look more and more outdated.

The future is digital

In truth, you could say this about almost any business sector as modern society’s appetite for technology continues apace. It looks like it is certainly true for gambling though, as the UK Gambling Commission figures clearly show.

Many expect gambling to become an increasingly digital activity as time passes and we all begin to enjoy the many benefits that betting or playing this way delivers.

When you factor in the above benefits and the way that playing online is less intimidating for novices, it seems clear where this sector will head into the future.