Inspiring Women in Business: How Lauren Langman Built Devon Dogs and Bowerland Holiday Cottages to Success

Women only own 17.3% of the companies in the UK. However, although few have taken the helm of self-employed ventures so far, more women are opening businesses.

Women only own 17.3% of the companies in the UK. However, although few have taken the helm of self-employed ventures so far, more women are opening businesses.

In fact, women opened more than 150,000 companies in 2022 alone. That’s more than double the number of women-led companies launched in 2018.

With increasing numbers of women exploring their entrepreneurial potential, many will find inspiration in the leading dog trainer Lauren Langman and her success story.

Lauren Langman: Acclaimed Dog Trainer and Entrepreneur

Lauren Langman pursued various careers before finally launching her business in the space she loves most: dog training. She is passionate about helping dogs overcome challenges through games-based training and helping them bond with their owners.

Lauren reminds those who are considering becoming entrepreneurs that it’s never too late to follow your passion and do what you love for a living: “This is a lesson I am determined to pass on,” she says. “Don’t waste time fighting what your heart is screaming. If you know what lights you up and makes you so excited for the next day to begin, you are lucky. You have so much to give.”

Running classes in her back garden, Lauren Langman knew she needed a training ground that would give her the freedom to take her business to the next level. She appeared on the popular television show Relocation Relocation to find the perfect premises for her family dog training business, which has now grown to global success.

Today, she hosts an abundance of dog training sessions, retreats, and digital offerings at this site through not one but two businesses: Devon Dogs and Bowerland Cottages. Here’s how she launched her thriving businesses in the Devonshire countryside.

Appearing Three Times on Relocation Relocation

Ready to grow their family business, Lauren Langman and her parents embarked on a long search for the perfect dog training site. After facing various setbacks, they signed up for help from property TV stars Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp on Channel 4’s Relocation Relocation.

Appearing on this show in 2010, the Langman family explored four properties before finding the perfect location for their dog training operations: a neglected site in Okehampton. Securing this property proved a challenge, but the family succeeded and set about converting the site into a dog training world with luxury holiday cottages.

Relocation Relocation documented the family’s journey of securing the site and transforming it into a state-of-the-art dog training arena. Over the next few years, Langman continued to upgrade the site, where she now houses chickens, too.

Upgrades included a suite of modern dog training facilities and holiday lets for guests to enjoy. Given the huge success that she achieved with this site, Relocation Relocation returned twice, most recently in 2020, to document the upgrades that she has made.

Devon Dogs: Training for Every Challenge

Today, Devon Dogs is a hugely successful business. Lauren and her expert team offer a wide range of training programmes that cover virtually every challenge dog owners face.

Some programmes take place at the Okehampton site, supporting both dog owners and trainers. Others take place online, allowing dog owners and trainers all over the world to take part. Lauren Langman has carefully crafted each programme to ensure dog owners and trainers come away with a wealth of newfound skills and confidence.

Online Training for Dog Trainers

Devon Dogs offers two online training provisions for dog trainers:

  • Dog Trainer Online Masterclasses. These classes empower aspiring and professional dog trainers to sharpen their teaching skills.
  • Business Consultation Calls. These calls give dog trainers the chance to chat with an expert to plan how they can set up a flourishing dog training business.

In-Person Training for Dog Trainers

Devon Dogs offers two in-person training provisions for dog trainers:

  • The Shadow a Trainer Programme. This programme sees budding trainers enjoy interactive sessions with Devon Dogs’ Stooge Dog Team. Participants shadow qualified trainers, plan lessons, and develop business growth strategies.
  • Pro Dog Trainer Workshops. These workshops allow Pro Dog Trainers to enhance their training skills. Participants work in groups with dogs of many breeds, each with different needs, practising games to help these dogs achieve training goals.

Online Training for Dog Owners

Devon Dogs offers five online training provisions for dog owners:

  • Monday and Wednesday Classes. Specialist trainers run these consistency classes for owners and dogs at all stages of their training journeys.
  • The Sexier Than a Squirrel Challenge. This challenge inspires dog owners worldwide to pin down training essentials in 25 days. Participants practise a three-minute training game every day and join an exclusive forum where they can connect with a community of dog owners.
  • Zoom Online Training. This online training makes it easy for owners to train their dogs from home. Those who aren’t local to Devon can seek feedback on their training techniques, ask questions, and learn new games that aid their training.
  • Workshops. These workshops cover an extensive range of themes, including tricks, recall, and scent. Some workshops span four weeks, allowing dog owners to explore a training niche in detail. These workshops include Gundog Games and Out and About Fun.
  • Behaviour Consultation Calls. These calls enable dog owners to receive personalised recommendations on the best training programmes for their dog’s needs.

In-Person Group Training for Dog Owners

Devon Dogs offers four in-person group training provisions for dog owners:

  • Life Skills Foundation. This programme shows owners how to train their dogs to be safe, happy, and friendly through reward-based training.
  • Monthly Classes. These classes help owners and their dogs master an array of training techniques. The techniques help owners bond with their dogs and lay the foundation to learn more advanced skills later.
  • Devon Dogs Retreats. These retreats immerse owners and their dogs in all sorts of themed training. Retreats include the Obedience Retreat, Scent Focused Week, and the hugely popular Naughty But Nice Retreat. In November 2023, the South West Tourism Awards named Devon Dogs the Silver Experience of the Year Award winner for this retreat.
  • Agility Foundation Training. This training guides owners and their dogs through all levels of agility training, from beginners to masters.

In-Person One-to-One Training for Dog Owners

Devon Dogs offers three in-person one-to-one training provisions for dog owners:

  • Training Sessions. Dog owners can book these training sessions by the hour at times that suit them. These sessions are ideal for dogs who may struggle in group training.
  • Puppy Welcome Package. This package includes a custom training plan to help dog owners meet their puppy’s unique needs.
  • Stay and Train Holidays. Dog owners can book these luxury retreats at Lauren Langman’s Bowerland Holiday Cottages.

Luxury Stays at Bowerland Holiday Cottages

Owners and their dogs travel to Bowerland Holiday Cottages from all over the UK to enjoy a peaceful retreat while getting ahead on their training. They follow a custom training plan, which they team with scenic Devonshire walks, al fresco dining, hot tub sessions, and stargazing from the comfort of a rustic cottage.

Guests can book three-, four-, or seven-night stays, which offer 10, 15, and 20 hours of dog training, respectively. The packages also include access to online classes and workshops, plus a gift voucher.

All the cottages sleep at least two people, with the biggest accommodating six. Each cottage offers its own charm. For example, Holly Hock Cottage is a barn conversion on a farm where guests can visit the animals, collect free-range eggs, and enjoy three on-site lakes.

Meanwhile, Parsley Cottage features a training room, which is ideal for training during rainy weather, and a wood burner for cosying up. Old Dairy Cottage has a herb garden, and Dartmoor Inn Studio is a barn with a private, tranquil courtyard garden.

About Lauren Langman

Lauren Langman is a widely recognised entrepreneur in the global dog training space. Her games-based training has made overcoming training challenges easier for dog owners all over the world. She has raised the profile of reward-based dog behaviour training by focusing on the dog-owner relationship and preparing owners for challenging situations, rather than in challenging situations.

With her tenacity and business mind, she has cultivated a global community of dog owners who train their dogs using a host of reliable, effective resources. She has appeared in several magazines, sharing her entrepreneurial insights and business story in exclusive interviews.

Training aside, Lauren is a Crufts and Olympia agility champion. She has also represented Team GB at World Championship level.

Learn more about Lauren Langman and her pro dog training team.