Insights into Alexey Taranov’s Professional Journey, Accomplishments, and Tips for Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns.

We had the opportunity to speak with Alexey Taranov, an accomplished digital marketing expert with over a decade of experience in the industry.

Alexey shared details about his professional journey, his accomplishments at Ailove Digital, his current occupation in DigitalMust and his plans for the future.

Professional Journey

Alexey’s career began during his university years, working on small personal projects. His experience led him to join digital agency Ailove as the Head of the SEO department in 2012.

Ailove Digital is a creative marketing agency specializing in advertising and marketing. Until 2021, it was one of the largest independent digital agencies in Russia, working with major clients such as Nestle, Kia, and Leroy Merlin. In 2021, Ailove Digital joined the Hakuhodo DY Group, a leading Japanese advertising group with offices in 20 countries.

As Head of the SEO department, Alexey significantly improved work processes and service quality. Namely, he increased the department’s revenue more than tenfold, making it the agency’s most profitable division. Among the notable achievements was the development of an effective SEO promotion strategy for Leroy Merlin, resulting in a 40-fold increase in relevant traffic to their website.

Later Alexey achieved the position of the Head of Performance Marketing, unifying all paid promotion channels and developing complex strategies for large clients. As Head of Performance Marketing, he led a team of 12 professionals, delivering outstanding results for clients.

After leaving Ailove in 2020, Alexey started his own agency – DigitalMust. They provide the clients with SEO and other marketing services.

Innovative Projects

Alexey played a key role in implementing Ailove’s internal project, ShareOfVoice, which monitored brand visibility in search engine queries. The project led to a threefold increase in the agency’s web visibility.

What Sets Alexey Apart

Alexey attributes his success in the digital marketing field to his adaptability, forward-thinking approach, and focus on continuous improvement. He takes pride in his ability to create effective strategies, manage teams, and drive results for clients.

Current Occupation and Future Plans

After leaving Ailove in 2020, Alexey started his own agency – DigitalMust. The agency is focused on SEO services for different kinds of businesses.  Alexey’s primary goal for today is to broaden his geographical experience by opening a new DigitalMust division in the United States and working with US clients. He believes this will provide valuable insights and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Impact on the U.S. Economy and Digital Marketing Industry

Alexey is confident that working in the United States will benefit both himself and the digital marketing industry in the country. He is eager to share his expertise and contribute to the growth of U.S. businesses, which will ultimately have a positive impact on the economy and further advance the digital marketing landscape in the United States.

We wish Alexey Taranov the best of luck in his future endeavors and thank him for sharing his experiences with us.

Author: Anna Belova