How to track a phone location without them knowing (100% works)

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If you are among the people who regularly search the internet for a way to track a phone secretly, you are not alone.

The need to track people is becoming increasingly common as parents and employers look to keep an eye on their underlings.  We will introduce you to an excellent phone tracking app in this article that will fulfill all your spying needs and requirements.

Part 1: Spyier – Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

Spyier in question is one of the best, if not the best, phone trackers available on the market today. It serves customers that number over a million and hail from all over the world. Prominent news outlets and media companies such as the New York Times Magazine and Forbes have positively covered it in their publications.

1.1 What Can Spyier Do for You?

Spyier is a top-quality software that specializes in tracking someone by cell phone number without them knowing. It utilizes the GPS of the target phone to pinpoint the exact location of the target and displays it on an e-map instantaneously.

You can also search for the location of a phone using the sim number of that phone. This is made possible by its unique feature of tracing the SIM using its number and the relevant IMEI number. Thus, you can search and track the target phone by using its SIM information too.

The Standout Features

First, we will go through the list of great features that Spyier packs along with its best real-time location tracking services. These will demonstrate to you why we prefer Spyier over other such apps.

  • Read Text Messages

The app allows you to read all the text messages that are sent and received through the target phone. You can even read messages that the target has deleted or archived. Moreover, you can also read messages sent through services such as iMessage.

  • Social Media Spy

It also has a handy feature that enables you to spy on various social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. The app gathers all the different types of activities carried out on these services, along with any media that is shared through them.

  • Keylogger

You are also given the option of using a Keylogger in one of the advanced subscription packages. This means that the app records each keystroke that is made on the target phone. You can easily know the passwords, searches, and conversations that happen on the target phone through this feature.

  • WhatsApp Spy

This feature-laden spying app also comes with a built-in WhatsApp Spy. Using this feature, you can know the contents of all the conversations that the target has on WhatsApp. Aside from the time-stamped messages, you can also view and download the various kinds of media shared through WhatsApp on the target phone.

1.2 How to Track iPhones Using Spyier?

Now that you know the primary feature of this excellent cell phone tracker, we will show you the process required to set it up for iPhones. If the target phone is running the Android OS, skip ahead to Part 2 for the relevant instructions. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Register for an account using your personal email ID. This does not cost you anything and will enable the developers to communicate with you.

Step 2 You will now need to enter the target device’s iCloud ID and its password. Spyier for iOS works without the need for an app to be installed on the target device.

Step 3: You can view all the data that the app gathers using its online dashboard. Any browser on any device can access this dashboard, and it presents the information in a digestible and easily navigable form.

As you can see, the app works totally remotely, and you do not need to even touch the target phone in order to begin tracking it.

Part 2: Setting Spyier – The Best Android Phone Locator

2.1 How Spyier Works On Android

If the target phone runs on Android, you will need to install the Spyier app on it in order to begin tracking. But this does not mean that the target will know you are tracking their location. The app is built so that you can quickly download and install it and then hide it. This way, the app will work in the background, and the target will never know about it.

2.2 How to Begin Tracking an Android Device?

To begin tracking an Android device, you only need to follow these simple and easy steps:

Step 1: Create a free account in your name. This can be done through your regular email ID and is necessary so that.

Step 2: Download and install the app on the target phone. The app is available on the Google Play Store like any other app and is barely 2 MBs in size. It will be downloaded and installed in no time. Once this is done, choose the option to hide the app from the app drawer.

Step 3: You can view all the collected information on a dashboard that is available online. The dashboard organizes the plethora of information the app gathers so you don’t waste time looking for anything.

Part 3: Spyier – The Best Phone Tracker

What Makes Spyier Extra Special?

Now you know how to start using Spyier and why it is the excellent software that it is. But the versatile features we mentioned aren’t the only parts of the app that distinguish it from its competitors. Rather, a number of other facts about the design and build of the app propel it to the very top.

  • Highly Secure

It does not compromise on the security of your phone. It makes sure that no backdoors or secret channels are exposed due to its working. This means that malware and viruses have no way of getting into your mobile system. Therefore, all your data remains secure and safe.

  • No Root or Jailbreak Required

While other apps that perform similar tasks like Spyier require intrusive access to your phone, it manages without it. It does not need root access to the phone or requires that the target phone be jailbroken. These procedures can put the phone in danger of being hacked or taken over by mischievous people without your knowledge.

  • Light, Quick, and Efficient

The app is designed to be minimal in size but maximum efficiency. This allows it to work in the background without draining any significant battery or drawing the target’s attention by hogging space. Similarly, the data it gathers is immediately updated on the online dashboard, so you have instantaneous information.


In this article, we have provided you with a brief overview of the top-rated phone tracker, Spyier. We have shown why it is considered one of the best spying apps around and also detailed its installation procedure for Android and iOS.